Just three weeks left. That’s good. I’ve had enough. Ryan brings us up to date on all the latest Idol news, except for the news that is on all the channels other than Fox. They must have a real news blackout going on over there. This lack of news leads us straight into the group number, “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Is this supposed to be a comfort to Paula in her hour of need? The presentation of flowers to Randy and Simon by Vonzell and Carrie follows. The whole thing reads kind of like a wake meets a sorority presentation. Poor Paula, our little suffering flower gets none. Is it an early snub from the producers?

The new Ford commercial follows. Once again, it’s funnier and more musical than most of the show. It’s Anthony’s birthday today. Maybe a trip is in his future. Ryan sends him to the couch. Not far enough. Vonzell is staying on the stage. Scott is sent to the couch. Bo is staying on the stage. Carrie is staying on the stage. Finally, America gets it right. Scott and Anthony are the bottom two. Tonight’s filler material will be both of them singing a song before the elimination. They have to punish us somehow.

Up first is Scott singing the same song I didn’t like last night. I like it less tonight. What do his homies think tonight? Maybe all that hot air he blew last night will bite him in the ass tonight. Either way, I’ll be happy. Randy says the right two people are sitting on the couch tonight. Ouch says Ryan. Scott looks like he’s planning something that is not going to be good for anyone. Anthony has to sing his Backstreet Boys’ song again. It’s really a toss-up as to which I like least. I dislike them for different reasons, but I wouldn’t pay a nickel to ever hear either of them again. Randy tells them they have to have it all together to stay in the competition. Not likely in either case.

Going home tonight is Scott. Happy Birthday Anthony, you are safe. Like Simon said, Scott had more escapes than Houdini but it finally caught up with him tonight. At least he sang the best song of his run on the way out. The universe is slightly more balanced, but I have to wonder how many chickens and goats were sacrificed for this endeavor.