Who did you vote for? Reviews of last night are up and the results are in according to Ryan. Tonight’s gruesome group number is the old Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton hit, “Islands in the Stream”. My favorite part was when Carrie had to sing, “when we’re making love together, uh-huh-uh” to Anthony and vice versa. It was good acting on her part. They break this song up into solos and duos, so other than the total dorkiness of the song, it’s one of the best group performances. The choreography is the usual one two three turn sort of thing they do so carefully that you can see them count the steps between words of the song.

The new commercial from Ford has Bo in a laugh out loud hairstyle achieved by riding the Mustang rollercoaster, which they all have by the end. The Ford commercial is still the best thing out of Idol. Next we’re reviewing the original auditions from the final four and it’s interesting to view their style/talent level then and now. Baby V hasn’t changed a lot except to get an even better wardrobe and makeup deal. Anthony looks like Chicken Little, both then and now. He says he looked weird then. If he only knew. Removing your glasses does not automatically de-geek you, no matter what they told you backstage. Carrie drove 8 hours from the farm for her audition and kept the curlers in the for the whole ride. Randy says she has the vocals, but needs to work on her emotion and stage presence. Good early observation. Bo’s never before seen audition takes place in Florida. Unsurprisingly he sang “Whipping Post” and impressed the judges from the start.

Three people are going home for a special visit in a private chartered jet tomorrow, and one is going home to stay via coach class. We’ll find out after the break. Results now. Bo may sit down. He is safe. Carrie is safe. Anthony and Vonzell are the bottom two. Vonzell is safe and Anthony is going home. Things are lining up just like I hoped. I won’t gloat because that never lasts for long. The final three is going to be a hard one this time around and I think we’ll see the best performances yet. Carrie cries as Anthony sings us off with the song that he sang much better than her last night. Maybe she wasn't kidding with that "making love together, uh-huh-uh" line. Ironic that the one time Anthony out sang someone was the one that sent him home. Still, it all balances out somehow in the end. Is the best yet to come? I’ll be watching like Pavlov‘s dog, waiting for that tasty morsel and the brain rush that follows. Good luck, huh? Next week is judges choice according to Paula on her ET segment. The judges will choose one song for each contestant and Clive Davis will pick the second song for each contestant. It's always one of the best shows of the season.