Ryan opens with the usual, “The votes are in and someone is out.” These double entrances he makes every show make no sense, but they call this show American Idol, too. 32.8 million votes last night. Where were these people last November? Yeah, middle school can’t vote in public elections, I know.

A quick video review of the performances and a review of the judges’ reviews follow. Tonight we find out the favorite group song to be on the CD. Big deal. We find out all three dreadful numbers are making it. Why did you waste bandwidth on that? Was a vote really necessary? Thanks for all those wasted clicks. Let’s hope no one voted for any of them. They weren't worthy.

Then I think it’s Fantasia, but all I can see is light. Should I go to the light or what? Finally the current American Idol Fantasia performs her latest song. I saw her do this on Ellen recently. She looks and sounds great. I was a Fantasia fan and voted for her to win last year. Either you were or you weren’t. There wasn’t any indecision for most fans. Fantasia is a love her or hate her type of girl and I love her. Baby has back and I know she’s eating well. I think she has yet to produce her best material. Chain of Fools rocked. Also, Ruben and Kimberly Caldwell are in the audience. Ryan makes Fantasia do his Seacresting to commercial break that includes the current Ford commercial.

Now Ryan is announcing the bottom three. Nikko is up first and he is in the bottom three. Vonzell is also in the bottom three. Unbelievable. Scott is the last member of the bottom three. Bo is shocked that he isn’t there and shocked by the ones that are. Anthony is one lucky boy. He recognizes how bad he was and thanks his fan base for saving him.

One of the three is safe and going back and then of course we Seacrest to commercial. I wish we had remote controls for Ryan that would just freeze-frame him and NOT let him do that. It is so old, irritating, and juvenile. I just want to stop him with a simple click. Tivo can do that, but live is a bitch. Randy is surprised to see two of them up there. Paula thinks they all deserve a recording contract. Simon says you don’t have to agree with the results, but it’s a fair competition. Vonzell is safe and sent back to her seat. I get out of my nervous squat and retake my seat too. I don’t really care anymore. Anthony may have slipped by tonight, but sooner rather than later, we’ll be saying bye to him. Ryan is directing the first question to Nikko. He talks about his Idol experience and why he might be going home tonight. Scott answers his question and actually talks like a gentleman about his experiences both on Idol and in life. I know a lot was made of his criminal record. It was four years ago, he never repeated the offense, and as he said, we learn every day. I say give him a break. Lucky for him, he’s getting one tonight and the Come Back Kid is going home. Good Luck Nikko. In all fairness it wasn’t your turn yet, but the voting is really strange this year. It’s a more level playing field than in past seasons and the vote split is nearly unpredictable. There’s more than one good singer among the bunch, but I’m still looking for an Idol. Maybe next week.