Ryan opens with remarks that Jessica was the third girl in a row to leave. In other words, it’s time for a boy to go, . Then we play a game to guess the theme and ugggg... it’s Classical Musicals or Show Tunes. The kids are gonna put on a show! Like they’d ever do this in real life. I don't care for show tunes during my supposed Pop Idol time. I don't care for show tunes except for when I'm watching a Musical on purpose. I don't like it tossed in randomly like an out of place speedbump. It's not the same audience for starters. Anyhow.

Scott is up first and his momma told him what to sing since he doesn't know show tunes. She chose from Don Quixote, “The Impossible Dream”. Scott starts off a little weak and seems unaware of any prior arrangements or singers of this song, like maybe Frank Sinatra. That's ancient history to someone Scott's age. It’s more like a high school play than Broadway. His voice at times is like Aaron Neville’s, but he doesn’t have the range or the power of a Neville Brother. The ending didn’t make up for the first and middle parts. Paula LOVES it. Paula is So Moved, yet again. She seems unstable, near tears, and angry with Simon - the usual Tuesday night.

Constantine, on the other hand, knows all about show tunes. He knows the show, the tune, and the former arrangements. His rendition of “My Funny Valentine” is a good arrangement and he sings it better than anything he’s sung up till now, but his facial expressions and that last note ruined it for me. It sounded OK, but scared me to watch. It was the best thing he’s done, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Paula LOVES it. Simon says the singing was a seven, but the pouting was a nine and one half. He calls it the best pouting performance ever on an Idol. I still don’t like it. Are you pouting because I don't like it?

Carrie chooses the innocent “Hello Young Lovers”. She’s dressed right out of State Fair. She has the best voice I’ve heard from her and comes closer to emoting than ever seen previously. I’m going to give her a nine out of ten. She finally proved herself. She can sing. I thought I smelled cotton candy and felt like I had gone back in time. She sang like Brenda Lee and looked like Sandra Dee. Paula LOVES it. Simon thinks it was too old fashioned and I agree it was old fashioned, but I liked it. Carrie might just be an old-fashioned girl, but she can sing the hell out of an old fashioned song. I still don’t see her as a Pop Idol though. How are you going to sell what she just did? Maybe a Broadway revival?

Vonzell is singing “People”. She went out on a limb last week with a Whitney song, so this is pushing the envelope to choose a signature song from a legend. Other singers have interpreted it, but it belongs to Babs. Vonzell does a good job. It’s a jazzier rendition and suits her vocal range. She only slips a time or two on her pitch and brings the song home like a Diva. She keeps improving and she needs to stick around a while. Randy likes it, Paula LOVES it, Simon thinks it’s OK.

Anthony Federov chooses “Climb Every Mountain”. This song won the competition for the first Australian Idol. That’s not going to be the case here. Anthony sings on the beat like it was a bubble gum tune and smiles too much. He can’t jazz it up, because he doesn‘t know how. He scrambles on his pitch. He climbs some of the peaks before he should and blows the big note at the end. I thought it was white bread boring. Simon called it hideous. Paula is angry with all of us.

Nikko Smith chooses a song from West Side Story. The problem is he chooses the wrong song. He chooses the duet “One Hand, One Heart”. The interplay necessary in a duet is missing, except for the strange background vocal singing with him. How do you vote on one voice when we’re hearing two? Who is singing the girl’s part? Of course, Paula LOVES it. Simon sums it up when he says the big note at the end of these show tunes don’t make up for the lesser performance in the early part of the song. It wasn’t horrible, but I’ve already forgotten most of it.

Anwar needs to prove he didn’t peak early in the auditions tonight. He chose “If Ever I Should Leave You”. Did I mention I hate show tunes? He’s singing strong from the first. Anwar is smart enough to take criticism and work with it. He’s making an effort to not bore and still saves some drama and vocal tricks for the parting shot. He sings a consistently good song tonight. Randy liked him. Paula LOVED him. Simon says he seemed comfortable. I think Simon is afraid of Paula at this point.

Bo Bice takes the luck of the draw making his choice and it sounds like it. "Corner of the Sky" sounds like he drew it out of a hat at the karaoke party and made the best of it. I would need a few more (dozen) beers for that to work though. It was not a good song for Bo or ninety eight percent of all singers in the world. Next time take a listen Bo. That sucked. Randy liked it. Paula LOVED it. Simon thought it was a mess, just like I did.

Nadia chooses a song from Oliver, “As Long As He Needs Me”. She knows how to work a dramatic song from start to finish. She looks like a million dollars tonight and works this simple song like a stage pro. She’s not the best singer here by far, but probably the best actress. A convincing performance.

Simon says he hopes Ryan is not in charge of choosing themes again. I agree that this didn't work well for the most part. These songs belonged on Fame, not American Idol. Simon seemed embarrassed to be there. Someone needed to tell Bo about Hair, or Tommy, or Jesus Christ Superstar. He wasted a night tonight if anyone did. Anthony or Scott should probably go home. After last week, it's hard to guess who might be leaving though.