We're back to the kinder, friendlier half-hour version of Idol results. If only. Ryan introduces the judges and the contestants. It’s all a ploy to show off Ryan’s star on Hollywood Boulevard. How much do those things cost these days? It’s the Ryan Seacrest show for the next five minutes. Good editing makes the segment humorous. The reason for the star is questionable yet. Ryan acts surprised and distracted by the segment. Did he really not know?

We meet the songwriter of the next exciting group number sitting in the audience. I appreciated the attempted harmonies that a few contestants managed to sing together, some better than others. Constantine was all over the stage and in the camera lens at every opportunity again. He’s got the Idol fever. Even Scott acts excited and is singing in full voice. Everyone sounds pretty good at this point, but I still wouldn’t buy the record. Maybe for charity, but I wouldn’t play it. OK, maybe once to see who is singing on and off key, but only once. Yet again, the commercial featuring the contestants rocks. Good work by the ad agency and animator.

Reviews of last night’s performances and judges’ comments follow. I think Simon said Bo’s performance was the best of the show. Someone in editing cleaned it up just enough to hear that. Ryan is separating the groups into two groups. Vonzell leads the first group. Anthony starts the second group. Anwar goes to Anthony’s group 2. Constantine joins Vonzell in group one. Time for commercial. Let’s review. V+C=G1. A+A=G2. Who do you think is going? Do the math. I was not a math major. Carrie is going to Group 1 and even though my math was not tiptop, I’m getting a clue. Scott is going to group 2 with Anwar and Anthony. I'm about to graduate with honors.

Bo is announced as safe. Ryan tells Bo to go to the group he thinks is tops and he goes straight to the middle of the two groups. It was a nasty move by Fox and made both the audience and friends in attendance angry at such a childish maneuver. Who writes this crap? Thanks, Bo. You found the only solution to save face for the most tasteless move yet on one of these eviction shows. Ryan realizes Bo is not playing along and announces, as I suspected, Group 1 is safe. In another quick and confusing move, we find out it is Anwar that is going home. As is typical, once again it isn’t the worst singer going home. We see repeated comments from the judges as to how he is the best singer in the competition. Anwar looks a little shell-shocked, but he manages to sing us off with his final losing tune. Down to six. A couple of obvious lesser singers and a group of middle level singers with potential. Who will be the next American Idol? I have no idea.