Reviews, reviews, reviews. As an experiment, I’ll try to use defining quotes from tonight’s show. Ryan to audience, “Who will your vote be sending home tonight?” Ryan to Pamela Anderson, “I’m having trouble listening to you from this angle”, while staring over her shoulder down into her cleavage.

The group number is next, “In the words of a broken heart, its just emotion”. Some people would call it singing and it is in a few places. Other places its just noise. “We’ll be right back after the break!”

The Ford commercial is still the best thing coming out of Idol, although it looks like a copy of another commercial I’ve seen and uses the same song as yet another commercial. Who said originality counts?

“Two groups again.” Vonzell begins the first group again this week. Carrie starts the second group. Bo joins Carrie on the near side of the stage. Anthony joins Vonzell on the opposite side of the stage. "We’ll find out the future of Scott and Constantine after this break." What did you do on your break? I petted my cat Billy and fed him and his feline friend Foxy. They were making a lot of noise because the food bowl was empty. I still have time for a smoke, only I quit five years ago. These breaks go on forever. They keep selling ads and I get several chores done. So much time. So little information to impart.

“Welcome Back”. Ryan once again uses the stupid ploy of telling the last two contestants to pick the group they think they belong in tonight. Scott and Constantine both stand with Carrie and Bo. Then Ryan says Scott goes with Bo and Carrie in the top group and they are safe. The bottom three are Vonzell, Anthony, and Constantine. Amazing! Now I know it must be voodoo keeping Scott in. Maybe it’s a repercussion to Simon’s statement that Scott should pack his bags. Vonzell is safe and either Anthony or Constantine are going home. “We’ll find out after this commercial break.” I’m having frozen peach yogurt during this one.

“America voted and Constantine, you are going home tonight.” Boos from the audience. Tears from Paula. This follows the pattern of total inconsistency of earlier eliminations. Paula tries to speak, but is unable. She finally croaks out, “This seems to happen every year. Constantine, you’ll go on to do great things in this business.” Constantine says he has no regrets. Paula is still in tears. Constantine repeats his losing performance, maybe flatter than last night. Another illogical, inconsistent elimination. Paula is comforting Constantine’s mother in the audience. Chaos reigns as usual. Scott and Anthony go on another week. Logic is broken. All the Vulcan viewers have sworn to never watch this earth crap again and who could blame them?