Ryan introduces everyone and tells us that once again America cast the highest number of votes outside a finale, 32 million something. A review of last night’s performances and judges comments follows. Then the new group number, “Everything is Beautiful.” The attempt at subliminal messaging falls short. Everything is Not beautiful if you include this recording. Everyone gets a line or two, but it is elevator music to the max. I suppose the group record is necessary, but I rather they pair up for duos or do three part harmonies, or some combination other than large group. No one sings in that large a group unless there is a campfire burning somewhere in the middle of it all.

I almost missed the Ford commercial since everyone was wearing Muppet costumes, or was that new makeovers? Ryan is doing the countdown, looking for the bottom three. Nikko is safe. Constantine is safe. Carrie is safe. Bo is safe. Nadia is bottom three. Not good news. Jessica is bottom three. Something is wrong here. Scott is safe. Either the earth shifted on it’s axis or I just shuddered an 8.7 on the Richter Scale. Ryan teases Anwar, Vonzell, and Anthony with the typical Seacresting to commercial. Fan bases are shifting. People are taking for granted who will go through. Things aren’t lining up logically. It is Anwar in the bottom three. Mistakes have been made. Nadia is safe again this week. Jessica and Anwar are the bottom two. We Seacrest to another commercial, as usual.

Ryan says it is crunch time. The judges agree that neither of these contestants deserves to be bottom two at this time. The person going home is Jessica, which is a shame in my book. I don’t think we got to see all she was capable of yet. I think Simon’s comments influenced people by saying she was unlikable. Pot kettle black. The world will be out of whack for a while until some correction is made somewhere. Good luck Jessica. That is three women in a row voted out. Voters need to consider supporting the ladies. This seems to happen every season at some point. It's That Show where the wrong person goes home early. You can’t blame it on apathy with the number of votes, but there seems to be little logic in tonight’s decision.