Paula's nose is out of joint. She tripped over her dog and broke it. Or so she says. Why is it necessary to tell us she fell down at home? Are we supposed to worry about her there too? Paula needs a keeper, and I don't mean a barely legal one either. She needs someone matronly that doesn't respond to backtalk. It's called a mother.

Jordin or Blake? Blake or Jordin? America did the usual thing and sent home the best singer last week, so now it is down to the young, inexperienced Disney singer, or the boy beat boxer. Blake has never lit my fire, whereas Jordin has given out more than a few sparks on a good night. Either way, I admit it hasn't been the most exciting Idol I've ever seen.

Blake insists on repeating “You Give Love a Bad Name” complete with beat boxing effects. All I'm going to say is check out beat boxing on YouTube if you want to see some real beat boxers. Blake still sings in a boring manner. There is nothing unique about his sound or look. I hate the skunk hairdo. It was fun for an evening, but as a “look', it smells. Randy Jackson is dressed as a member of the Jackson 5. What's up dawg? I ignore Paula as usual. Simon says that Blake isn't the best singer, but might be the best performer. I'm trying not to yawn, but it isn't easy.

Jordin's new song is Christina Aguliera's “Fighter”. Somehow, they managed to lose sound for nearly a full verse. Jordin is doing her best to create an exciting song. She can sing much better than Blake, even if she can't pick the best songs always. Simon calls round one for Blake and who cares? Is it about rounds? Will tonight's performances actually decide the competition? We'll see.

Blake's dad wouldn't buy him a set of drums, hence the beatboxing. Blake is now singing more Maroon5. I will say that I like Blake singing Maroon5 better than I like Maroon5 singing Maroon5, but in the big picture that means nothing. Blake is not a great singer and never will be. He doesn't have the natural chops of a great singer. He can barely stay on key and yet, that's better than some pop stars these days. The question is, can he lip-synch and dance at the same time? That seems to be the standard today. This is the most un-exciting finale I've ever seen. Even the audience seems subdued except for a few of the screamer aged girls. Hormones have no discretion.

Jordin is up next with her favorite song of the season, “Broken Wing” by Martina McBride. It's a good song emotion-wise. That's what a good country song does; tells a story that hopefully breaks your heart in just around three minutes. It's a good song to show off Jordin's voice. She is controlled and on note all the way through. Jordin does an excellent job. It was perfect from start to finish. Jordin peaked at the just the right time for Idol. Randy loved it, Paula loved it. Simon says, “Now THAT was good!” That was great, Simon. How about giving the round to Jordin, but no, we cut to commercial first. I'm giving round two to Jordin, so there.

It is time for the song-writing contest winners' songs. Blake is up first. Blake is going out with the look he came in with, whatever that is. Call it Spanky (from The Little Rascals) Goes to Hollywood. The song is called “This is My Now” and it is better than any of the other dreadful commercial songs they have used in the past. The songwriter competition was a great idea. Blake's lack of range is evident on this song. It had a couple of places he could have soared, but he stayed in the safe areas at all times. It was mediocre with a lot of jumping around. The outfit was straight out of The Lawrence Welk Show wardrobe department. Someone must have stayed up all night making it. They try to diss the song at the end, making excuses for the boring performance, but outside of Blake's few vocal tricks, he isn't a very versatile artist.

Jordin gets to sing the same song, and it is so Disney, they must have had her in mind. This song suits Jordin's voice and style perfectly. It has the drama and build that is Jordin's type of ballad. This song sounds more contemporary than those used in the past. Jordin uses the natural peaks of the song to her advantage and manages to shed a tear on the last note. It was picture perfect and if Jordin doesn't win, it will be another mistake. Randy calls her the winner. Paula rambles all around the big room. Simon says he was wrong when he thought she didn't deserve to win last week, that she indeed is the best singer. We are all in agreement finally. Took us a while to get there, but we did. Isn't it ironic and somehow fitting that third place winner Chris Daughtery is getting to perform on the most watched show of the season and got his song used at the end of every results show? No one with talent really ever loses. Anything can happen in Idol and does.