The results show tonight is pitted against Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, and Womenís Ice Skating at the Olympics. If I get events confused, please understand why. They have managed to work in a group number with all 24 contestants. Itís a diverse, if not scary version of ďTake it EasyĒ. The Eagles never imagined this in their wildest dreams. You gotta do something to fill an hour. Drew and Cheryl are in the finals and getting rave reviews on DWTS. Theyíre sad it is ending. Survivor people are plotting and making alliances. Iím not watching this series. I have Survivor burnout. Too many series one right after the other. Too many faces, too little time. Idol has lots of commercial time. I can keep up with all four shows at this rate. The ladies have not taken the ice yet, but they look as hungry as the Survivors. Back to American Idol.

A recap of performance shows follow. If I misjudged anyone, it was Katharine. I was so tired and had such a headache by the end of that show I maybe didnít give her a fair chance. After re-watching, I think she rocked. I wonder how many other people got tired of the overly long shows. I donít give this much time to GOOD movies. There better be some payoff here. I could have re-watched Lord of the Rings or something.

Finally, the ladies are seated on The Goodbye Benches. Paris dreamed about the finale, but woke up before she saw who was behind the confetti. When they ask who is nervous, Becky confesses. Probably with good reason. Kinnik, Becky, and Brenna have the lowest number of votes. Weíll be back after the break. Itís the group dance on DWTS. Everyone in black dancing to Rocky. How many guys have those see through shirts? Come on, admit it. Skaters are skating; triple toe loop there, not too graceful. Survivors are having a hygiene confrontation over the outdoor toilet. Some people wanted to use it for storage. Other people had other ideas. Ick. Glad Iím not watching. Still on commercial from Idol. Typical.

Welcome back, itís the moment of truth for the girls. Kinnik is safe. Becky and Brenna are the last two. Becky is leaving tonight. For some reason, I thought two women were leaving. The lucky girl tonight was Stevie. She escaped the bottom three. If they continue with 5 hours a week for the next 6 weeks, Iíll pick this up later at final twelve. Itís not THAT entertaining. Why must they continue with the dreaded goodbye song? To reassure that we didnít get it wrong? I donít know, but Iím going back to DWTS. Jerry has been the best sport if not the best dancer on DWTS. He was a little stiff at times, but he always knew his steps. ďBecause the Night Belongs to Ipod, ď and the girls segment is over. Really two, three, or four should go home tonight.

Now the boys are on the benches. There are some strange dudes this year. The bottom two guys are Bobby and Sway. No big surprises. Might as well skip to DWTS because we know a commercial is coming soon. Going through the judgesí comments first. Bobby is going, before a commercial even. A new ploy for American Idol. They had it figured that I was leaving otherwise. Iím NOT watching Bobby chew that song up again. He could always understudy for Gilbert Gottfried. He has that type of voice. He sang the last three notes really good. Goodbye and good luck.

Two girls ARE going home; we just have to repeat this silly format again. What a mixed up Idolworld. I just saw someone do a Hurricane on Olympic trick skiing. I wasnít aware that was even possible. Iím still not sure. Itís not your fatherís Olympics. They get air and form scores, and then landing scores. Most people would be happy just to land without breaking something. Air and form are beyond my recognition. Welcome back to Idol. Another round of plucking chicks. Brenna is safe. One more week of mouthiness at least. Itís either Heather or Stevie. Itís Stevie. Once again, no surprise. Billy told me she was going. I thought he was wrong after the first round of eliminations, but I should have known better. She is singing the dreaded song and Iím going to Survivor. They are chewing stuff and looking rough. Sally will be going home unless the southern girl doesnít know what she is talking about. I have no idea. Maybe I should ask Billy. Itís tribal council. They are a rough looking bunch this time.

Ford is sponsoring American Idol again this year. ďBecause a car shouldnít just use energy, it should create itĒ. Itís their hybrid. Itís no Mustang, thatís for sure. That southern woman on Survivor likes the sound of her voice. What the hell is outcast island anyhow? Still on commercials on Fox. Crammed full. Welcome back to American Idol live. Weíve got to lose one more right now. More tricks of lines and spaces and where you stand. Silliness. Just get it over with. Make everyone stand up like grade school first, please. Going home is either Bucky or Patrick. Tonight it is Patrick and better sooner than later. Might as well get it over with. Paula and Randy encourage him in his individual career. He is singing us off with the final goodbye song, ďCome to My WindowĒ. Heíll be home soon. See you next week.