Seacrest starts the show by seacresting about what happened with Mario. Does anyone really care anymore? It’s about how to fill one half hour that only has 2 minutes worth of information to offer. The reviews of last night are a relief in that they are shown without dramatic pauses or commercials. Seacrest relief.

Next thing you know, we are listening to the first recording by the top 12. It sounds like the next McDonald’s commercial if a high school choir did it. Constantine gives up any pretense of rocker and sounds better than most of his compatriots. It’s sweet as saccharin, slow tempo, and boring as hell. I won’t wait for the CD. You’d think the most popular show on American television could attract some popular songwriters. I don’t get it. The judges should have rated the song and the group performance. “Appalling!” is what comes to mind. They complain about how the kid’s sing, complain about what they sing, and then force them to them sing this aural garbage. It’s just a TV show, but still very hypocritical.

Ryan is going through the ranks one at a time, reading the judges reviews and then announcing safe or not safe. Nadia is safe, Bo is safe, etc… He’s looking for the bottom three vote getters. There are some lucky kids tonight because there were plenty of possible choices to go home. Lindsey Cardinale is the first of the bottom three vote getters. Carrie Underwood survived. Scott Savol goes through which makes me happy. Mikalah’s act has finally worn thin with the public and she is bottom three tonight also. Last three waiting to hear their fate are Jessica, Vonzel, and Nikko. Jessica is the one in the bottom three. Lindsey, Mikalah, and Jessica are bottom three this week. You can almost bet that it’s going to be a woman going home in the first elimination. Don’t ask me why, but historically, I think it’s true for most series in most countries. I don’t think Jessica deserved bottom three, but the other two earned their places. Jessica gets to sit down and that leaves Lindsey and Mikalah. Without fail, we are seacrested to commercial. It was going so smoothly and had been mostly bearable up until that point. I guess some things will never change. After the break, we learn Lindsey Cardinale is going home. I’ll admit here, I scored points in the online game here at JokersUpdates. I chose Lindsey as most likely to go home. For some reason they revive the loser singing again. I guess we need reminding why the contestant is going home. At least it leaves you with some song in your head other than that awkward debut number we heard earlier. Seacrested. Out.