American Idol and Fox responded to viewer furor and made a good decision to cut the results show down to one half hour instead of the horrid one hour torture fest. The first segment of the show is a recap of last night’s events, then a question/answer session with the judges that seeks advice on song selection. Everyone is sticking to business about business and not calling out anyone in particular. Ryan goes directly then to Celena Rae and informs her that she got the lowest number of votes and is going home tonight. The judges’ comments are given in a positive light as to how she might continue her career otherwise. It’s amazing. I could have written this script. Yeah, maybe it’s a tad boring, but the focus needs to stay on the performance shows. This is a talent competition, not the scary ride at Universal Studios we rode last week. Kudos to whomever saw the light. This is how a results show should go.

Ryan is more humane tonight than in the past. The questions have actual merit and provide good criticism for the performers. Ryan has to do a bit of teasing by going through the ladies one at a time, sometimes two, telling them they are safe. Finally we end up with Aloha and Vonzell as the two lowest vote getters. More good questions about song choice and Aloha changing her song just prior to the performance. He still has to tease once more and say “Vonzell! You are safe. Aloha is going home.” There is a good back and forth between the judges, Ryan and the contestants. There are no tears, hard feelings, or second round poorly sung losing performances. Aloha has positive things to say about her experience and her future. Big Improvement, American Idol. Go on and kill the last of the teasing. It still comes off as forced and unnecessary taunting. Just let it go. You’re nearly there.

With only nine minutes left to dismiss two guys, we start with a quick recap. After the recap we go through the guys one at a time. “You are safe” goes down the line till we get to the last four. They are called out front. Two are going home, two are staying and we Seacrest into commercial. Some things never change. I can live with a couple of Seacrests if you continue with the show this way. This is all it takes; a few friendly parting words and let’s move on. After the break, with a bit of dramatic flair, Ryan dismisses two and let’s us know David Brown and Joseph Murena are going home. Joseph seems bitter and says he didn’t get enough attention. David says nothing. Paula tells the truth about the merit of their performances. Ryan smoothes it all out with a demand for friendly hugs all around from all the performers. Congratulations American Idol. You’ve really grown along the Journey. You made the show your own tonight. You really owned it. Touchdown!