Between commercials there was a little bit of show tonight. Step one in the moneymaking process began with what I assume will be the first group single, “Sowing the Seeds of Love”, a somewhat awkward if not well-meaning saccharine paen to friends and fellowship.

Two guys are going home and really it could be any of nine or ten and we would not be disappointed. Sundance lucked out and got through and the Justin Timberlake semi-lookalike did too. Paul Kim is the first one going home. Nerves got the best of him I think. He along with most of the boys went catatonic once on stage the first night. I wanted him in because his name was so easy to spell. Oh well.

Two ladies are going home and they are all going to cry. Jordin is safe. Yay! Stephanie is safe. Yay! Sabrina is safe. Yay! Leslie is safe. Eh. Melinda is safe. BigYay! Antonella is safe. Screw VFTW. Amy Krebs is called from the couch on the front row and is going home. She repeats her “not so memorable” performance of Bonnie Rhaitt's “Cause I Can't Make You Love Me”. She has a really pretty voice at times. I could see her singing Indie Rock or Country Pop at some time in space other than here I suppose. Good luck Amy.

Ryan asked Quincy Jones a question then cut him off in mid-sentence. Great job producers and hosts! You ought to make Ryan go lick his shoes. Fantasia is performing tonight. I'm glad she's found a place on Broadway in a play she can relate to, “The Color Purple”. All she ever needed was structure and a firmer foundation than she started with. Her record was all over the place, some parts great, some parts not working at all, just like her season on Idol. It's all about where you peak and she peaked at just the right time with “Summertime”. It's been an up and down roadtrip of revelations for her and her fans ever since.

Time for another amputation. Eviction. Ejection. Anything you call it, it is going to hurt for someone. Alaina is safe and Nicole Tranquillo is going home. Too bad. Two bad singers stay and one interesting one goes home. Them's the breaks. There is a reason for everything and a time and place too. Someday we might be buying her records and not remember this Idol. Anything can happen. Good luck Nicole.

One more boy and we can wrap this thing up for this week. The last male going home this week is Rudy Cardenas. Paula thinks we didn't “get” Rudy. She's trained to say things like this I'm sure. She knows every pat phrase of comfort and sometimes that's really all we need. Better luck next week.