Ryan and Teri. Teri and Ryan. How are we supposed to concentrate on the show? Ryan is wearing a thinner, diagonal striped black-and-white tie with a white shirt and gray suit with medium wide lapels. Everything is in. In every combination. It's the modern world. Do you think Teri is in the audience or backstage? Eh. Who cares? We get a glimpse into the busy day to day life of an Idol contestant. Studio visits, photo shoots, all the glamour. It's about to end for one of the contestants. It could be anyone of them based on last night's performances. No one could call themselves safe after that trip to Boresville.

Tonight's guest artists are Shakira and Wyclef Jean. Belly dancing rap, sort of soft porn style. My only complaint with Shakira is one week she wants to be taken seriously and the next week she's belly dancing again. Which is it? At my age, most hips don't move like that unless they've just fallen and can't get up. Do you think the kids picked up some moves for next week?

Next they dare to show repeats of last night's performances. It was as bad as we thought. This week the bottom row is all safe. What tricksters! Remember, next week the top row is safe again. The three people with the lowest number of votes are Lisa, Ace, and Katharine. It's surprising and then again it's not. I'm hoping Katharine is safe. I'd like to hear her sing some more. It's all about talent and fan base. Katharine has the talent at least. I think Lisa needs more experience and Ace needs a new profession. He's outgrown the boyband phase and America is not loving his fake-seeming performances. The commercial breaks grow longer. There is barely going to be time for a sing off if we're lucky. The safe person is Ace. Too bad. The person with the lowest number of votes is Lisa Tucker. Good luck Lisa. You were sweet and a lady all the way. Keep it up. You are only 16. Congratulations Katharine. Step it up next week.

Ryan announces that next week they are going Country. Do they know how to step up a boring competition or what? Yee. Haw.