Ryan says the results are in and someone is out. He's wearing a wide silver/grey striped tie with pale pearl grey shirt under a light grey traditional medium width lapel jacket. He says there were over 50 million votes and the margins were minimal, but we knew that already. It's going to be an hour so we get lots of flashbacks from last night's performances. Repeated evidence of Paula's lucidity is in a way depressing. I miss the wild, unpredictable Paula, but she was headed for Trouble Street most likely. Ryan promises lots more filler after the break. I can't wait... (for this to be over). There is a big segment here where the Idols give Clive an "award" for something or other, but I admit I tuned out, flipped around the dial, made a cup of coffee, and generally zoned out for a while. Too much Idol ado.

I did appreciate the old folks at home Ford commercial “Young at Heart”. It was the best hair, makeup, and bootyshake of the season. Now we know whatcha gonna do with all that junk in your trunk. We get a glimpse of jetsetting in private jets, the Idols going home for visits before the final three perform. Taylor visits Birmingham, Alabama and eats lots of good southern food and gets a key to the city. Then a trip to the Mall at Hoover. This is the new south, yall. He ends up at the governor's mansion with the governor and his wife. The wife's pink outfit steals the scene till they force her to stand behind the governor. Taylor seems happy to get back to Hollywood. The final three contestants are doing their cuts from the upcoming Idol album and Taylor does “Taking It To the Streets” in a hoarse and flat voice. He better rest up for next week and drink tea with honey and lemon. If he's truly southern, he'll put a little bourbon in there too, not that he needs loosening up.

Katharine lives in LA so she takes a limo ride to Fox Studios for a TV appearance and then a radio appearance. Next is a helicopter ride through downtown LA and past the HOLLYWOOD sign. She went to Notre Dame High School and goes there to meet the mayor. She doesn't have a band waiting for her so she sings a capella. Finally she goes down the block to her parent's house and gets to see her dog and all the family. Katharine is singing “Think” for her Idol single. She takes off her shoes so she can move around and cut loose. She is singing much better without the worry of being judged afterwards. It works that way for some of them. I like how she calls Simon out with the lyric. Katharine is a well trained singer with a lot of natural talent and win or lose, we'll hear from her again.

Elliott Yamin visits Richmond, Virginia. He says he felt like King for the day. I don't think Elliott is used to this much attention. His speaking voice is little bit husky. They stop at the pharmacy he used to work at and he signs autographs for the fans. Richmond does a big turnout and there is a band waiting on Elliott to sing. What's up with that? Katharine gets a megaphone and an unruly high school group and the other two get bands and crowds of thousands, keys to city, and trips to the governor's mansion. Doesn't the Arnoldater care about the Idols? Life is so blase in Hollywood. Elliott gets the full star treatment including throwing out the first pitch for a baseball team. Elliott's cut that he is singing tonight is “Moody's Mood for Love” and probably one of the best performances of the season. It's worth a second listen and more after that.

33.68% , 33.26%, 33.06% . That is the only difference between the three performers vote totals. The lowest number belongs to Elliott and he is going home tonight. Taylor and Katharine are the finalists and one will be the American Idol next week. Elliott is dignified and appreciative and gives props to his mom and his brother and all involved. I hope we hear from him soon. He could make a great jazz-pop record and I hope he does. See you next week. Wear your best.