I think Ryan is wearing the same jacket as last night only no vest tonight, and with a black shirt and black tie, kind of 21st Century gangsta. The reviews come immediately and nothing seems very different from last night. No one is changing their minds or apologizing for their remarks last night. Things are strange at the judges' desk. Simon is hugging Paula and everyone looks very happy. Too happy maybe, but they are all thinking “Just two more weeks!”.

After the commercials, we take a show break. It's a tour of Graceland with Priscilla. Can life get any stranger or better? It's a surreal visit with Pop royalty. Then there is the time killer...one more group number, “Don't Be Cruel”, as though they hadn't desecrated enough Elvis songs. In fact it's a medley, like Katharine did last night, only people are remembering the words and there is actually time for a medley. Has there ever been a more awkward quartet? They certainly aren't the Jordanaires. I actually felt a little embarrassed for them toward the end. It went on, and on, and on... Katharine screamed again and Chris yelled again and Taylor danced again and Elliott nearly hid off camera to the right. It was a best of/worst of sort of medley.

Rebecca Romign and fiancee Jerry O'Connell are in the audience. Ryan is so starcrossed. Rebecca wants to hear Taylor sing “Jailhouse Rock” again. Nine minutes left and I assume they are not going to the boring format of previous weeks. I also assume Taylor is up there because he was America's favorite last night and not the one going home. Taylor is fun, but he might be getting a bit full of himself. Who wouldn't at this point? Now Ryan lines them all up. Taylor and Elliot to his left and Chris and Katharine to his right. One group is top two one is bottom. Show break is over and we return to our regularly scheduled commercials.

We break to the show and Ryan plays with the groups. Taylor and Elliott are safe. America is voting based on performance and good for you. Chris is going home tonight and Katharine returns to the group. Chris is a little bit shocked and so are Chris's fans. I'm not simply because Chris's style is not as adaptive as the others at this point. He was a great component of the show, but not the American Idol. Good Luck Chris. Taylor, Elliott, or Katharine will become the next American Idol in two weeks.