Down to five and someone is leaving. Three more weeks and it's all over. Ryan is back to the lavender shirt with a lavender striped tie and medium lapel jacket. 45 and one half million votes called in. If we could only harness that energy and sell it at the gas pumps. It's time for another group number because it's nearly time to release the group record. It's an Up With People type number, “Together We are One”. It's as shallow as a desert stream with lots of ooohing and ahhhhing background vocals. Up, Up With People, Together We are One. Not one singer played on the potential for some dirty moves with those lyrics and I'm disappointed as usual. They all tried to appear sincere, but it came off as another trite corny ballad.

We are under a severe thunderstorm watch, so I hope I make it to the bye byes. They have another new Ford commercial and it is obvious they enjoy playing dress-up, and who doesn't? The judges are arguing about polls in a brief segment that could easily be confused with Nightline. Paula's lucidity is not nearly as entertaining as her other wacky self, but I guess we have to take the bad with good or vice versa. The mixed reviews of last night's performances follow. Some of the performers definitely needed a second chance last night.

Ryan tells us that the Idols that get through tonight will be whisked away via private jet to Memphis to be coached on Elvis songs and meet with (Sony President and ex-husband of Mariah Carey) Tommy Motolla. Time to send someone home. Paris is in the bottom two. They ask her to sing “Kiss” again. I rather see this than more commercials. I like Paris and will be disappointed if she leaves, but the roster is growing shorter all the time. The second person in the bottom two is Elliott. They are having him sing before announcing the results. He is repeating “On Broadway”. Paula is up and dancing and so is everyone else. Both gave good repeat performances. Going home tonight is Paris. At 17 she is just beginning and I think we'll be seeing and hearing Paris in the near future. Good Luck Paris. It's down to four and we're nearly there.