It was a dark and stormy night. Ryan is back to skinny tie and thin lapel jacket. They had the highest Idol vote other than a finale last night. Simon thinks he was wrong about Katharine's performance last night and Randy follows with his own apology. Thank goodness we all weren't wrong. I worried about mini-strokes or that my hearing was going, which it might be anyhow, but we weren't wrong about Katharine's performance last night. Ryan answers all the unanswered questions about last night except what Paula was taking. I really want to know. Whatever the combo, no one wants to accidentally repeat that one.

Tonight's Ford commercial is a bad mimic of Blondie's “Call Me”, but it includes puppies so all is good. Next week will feature kitties and other (cute only) baby animals are being considered (no birds). David and Andrea are visiting. Andrea seems to have trouble with his English when discussing the Idols. I know what he's saying, “If you can't say something nice....” Anyhow, he gets to sing his new single. It's the latest trend on Idol. It's cross-marketing akin to those phone calls you get from all those “associates” of businesses you are already doing business with so they can call you even if you are on the No Call list. You know what I mean. All his songs sound alike to me. They all reach a grand peak a bit more gilded than I like my peaks, but that's what makes the world go round. No that's love. Or is it commerce that makes the world go round. Anyhow, different strokes for different folks. Ryan says it was incredible so I'll just take his word on that. Let's dump an Idol.

Candies are back at Kohl's, Philly Steak Cheeseburgers are now at Hardees, TJ Maxx for lots less than department stores, You have a freakishly large head, Prison Break after 24 on Fox. There are lots of commercials. Lisa Tucker is in the audience and a guest on The OC tomorrow night. Ryan is playing group games again tonight. Three groups of two, one being the lowest I assume. Paris and Kellie are together, so I think we know who is what. Taylor is with Elliot. Chris is with Katharine. Top two, Middle two, Bottom two. Elliott and Taylor are safe and it's time for more commercials. I'm not watching this batch.

Chris and Kat are safe and got the highest number of votes. Paula is alarmingly coherent tonight. Kellie is going home and Paris is safe. Thank you America for voting based on performance. We'll get this thing right yet. They don't offer Kellie a chance to sing again and what does that say? I bet Simon refused to let her butcher his favorite song again. Whatever the reason, it's a good move. Down to five and less than a month of Idol left. Get it while you can.