Tonight is country night on Idol. It's not my favorite music, especially the Top 10 radio stuff, but there are some great songwriters in Nashville. Not much chatter tonight, they are ready to roll.

Taylor Hicks is quickly singing John Denver's “Take Me Home Country Roads”. It is too fast but has the word country in the title at least. It's better than you might expect if you watched some of the ugly faces he made while while singing. The judges are dissing him for song choice after their paid idiots picked this genre. They should shut up or pick a musical type they and others want to listen to.

Mandisa is from Nashville, so she's not unfamiliar with the field. Maybe she is because she is boring me to tears. It's a real dumb radio song, “Any Man of Mine” and she is barely singing it on key at times. The low register is horrible. She picks it up at the end, but I was bored and tired by then. What a terrible song choice out of the thousands available. Anyhow, Randy liked the last 4 seconds, Paula is still an idiot, Simon can't get a word in for the booing over his spat with Ryan. He says Ryan looks like a character in Desperate Housewives. Dig deeper is all I can say.

What happened to Kenny Rogers? The same thing that happened to growing old gracefully - tossed in the garbage with the envelopes that the plastic surgery bills arrived in. Elliott is singing Garth Brook's “If Tomorrow Never Comes”. It's a better song than any of the others so far. It's sounds good and Elliott's makeover is coming along fine. He sings it without any twang and straight ahead. A good song is a good song, no matter the genre. So far, Elliott is the best of the evening, but we've got a ways to go.

Paris went shopping at a Swiss brothel before her performance tonight. Her fashion sense is beyond wacky. It's called bad taste. She is singing “How Do I Live Without You?”. It's good in places but sounds a lot more R&B than country. They need to speed it up just a bit, because it makes her sound draggy in places. Randy complains and Paula the Parrot follows suit. Paula should be forced to wear a mime outfit and not be allowed to talk. Simon likes the song and the performance and Paula gets booed.

Ace's hair is looking worse each week in direct correlation to his waning performances. It has a poodle curl/wave thing going tonight and his performance is the usual boyband type thing. At least they set him down on a stool and for a moment it looks like he is trying to not look into the camera. He is singing “Tonight I Wanna Cry”. OK, I lied, he stared straight into the camera and sang falsetto at the end. Randy was bored. Paula wants to, but can't say signature. Simon liked him. I'm not a good judge. It was better than he has been, but still not good to me.

KellieKellieKellieKellieKellieKellieKellieKellieKellieKellieKellieKellieKellie. She's the real thing. Dumb, naïve, and proud of it. “Here's Your One Chance Fancy Don't Let Me Down” is her song of choice. Do you think she knows what these words mean? She acquired an additional twang borrowed from Reba McEntire tonight. Randy loves her. Paula loves her. Simon hated the song personally, but thought the performance was very good. I could be cutting my hair or cleaning the bathroom. It would be more satisfying to me. But that's me. Love her if you will. They won't market another blonde, detached country girl for several years. They've got that covered. Jesus Took That Wheel.

Chris is not into country, but he's sitting down and singing like he is. His song has mother in the first verse. It's probably going to have puppies and kitties later on. Actually it is Keith Urban's “Memories of Us”. Anyhow, he sounds like a young Jim Croce. Mostly he's good, but he goes below human hearing levels a couple of times. It's the opposite of last week's screaming, but boring in the opposite way. It's a good song, but he underplayed it this time.

Katharine is not a country girl, but she is looking for a bluesy song. She is singing, “You Are Bringing Out the Elvis in Me”. It's a funky song that is strange in it's timing and words. It suits her, but I wouldn't get all dressed up to go hear her sing it. I'm afraid I'm with Simon tonight. I'm not of huge fan of Top10 Country. I do like some country artists. Lucinda Williams comes to mind. I like the old stuff that is more raw and less produced. I listen to Patsy Cline and Hank Williams, even some Buck Owens, but not much of the current stuff.

Bucky got all dressed up in his cowboy suit. Bucky actually sounds pretty good singing “The Best I Ever Had” and looks more the part than any of the other boys. Bucky could and probably will have a career in Nashville, but he is not the American Idol. I wonder if Rocky sings just like him? Like Simon said. It sounded OK to me. What else can you say?

This year has been the biggest Idol talent tease ever, but the last two weeks have been a borefest. Who will go home? It's probably not going to be based on talent. It's all about Fan Base at this point. Who got Lisa's voters? I don't know. I'm not a good judge when forced to listen to a musical type I normally would not. Elliott was probably my favorite. I liked Katharine's song but was that really country? Too many crossovers and mixups. Bucky and Kellie have sung Country Songs already so it wasn't much a stretch for them, but they fit the bill tonight. The whole focus needs to return to some good music of some kind or I'm going to start watching Scrubs and playing sudoku online.