It is last round for the ladies and you can almost guess who is going tomorrow even before they sing, but anything can happen and will. The best singers are not necessarily going to be in the top twelve, but the ones that get the most votes for whatever reasons will be. Paula was late on set. Is that any indication of how she will be behaving tonight?

Jordin Sparks is singing Pat Benatar. “Heartbreaker” is good in places, but it is a lot to keep up with and there are some rough spots at first. Once she gets in gear, she commits to the song and sings like she means it. Let's face it. We want this girl in the top twelve. Perfect or not, she shows promise and has a pretty smile that draws you in.

Sabrina Sloan is singng “More than Friends”. The first part was a little shaky, but she finds the groove and sings the most of it like a diva. Randy didn't like the song, be agrees that she can sing. Paula loves her. Simon thinks she isn't connecting emotionally with the audience and needs to project personality more. I know what he means. These women can sing their asses off and damn good still doesn't beat great.

Antonella is singing, “Girl Put Your Records On” and a few little parts of it are good. In some registers she sounds like a singer for a few seconds. If the girl had a tad more confidence I think she could sing. As Simon says, she is surrounded by some amazing singers and even though she has remained strong in light of her public plights, she isn't as good as some of the others. After some arguing back and forth, Paula asks that we all move on to a better place. Amen Paula. Maybe comforting, yet loopy Paula is back tonight. Even when the this show sinks to it's depths, Paula is there to pick us and it back up again. I'm feeling warmer and fuzzier already.

Haley Scarnato says singing is her passion. That's usually the opening line for the next one headed home. I mostly think beauty pageant talent segment watching Haley. “If My Heart Had Wings” was just okay, but not deserving of the faces she made while singing it. It was like kool-aid at a wine-tasting. Paula is totally loopy and barely gets out her loving critique. Simon thinks it was ghastly and can't remember her name. He thinks it was a bad song sung badly and so do I.

Stephanie is up next. She used to be shy but not anymore. She is singing Chakha Khan tonight. She isn't doing anything new or better for this song and should have picked another. Parts of it shine, but she gets off pitch in several places. Parts of it are right on, but it's a case of not enough experience to match the material. Paula is high as a kite now. She tells Stephanie she commanded the stage and slurs a few more pat phrases. Paula is back baby. And not just half a pill either. Simon says Stephanie has earned her way to the top twelve and I agree. Stephanie is a good singer that has the potential to be great.

It is time for Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones. Lakisha got a thang goin' on. A singing thang. She knows the right song to sing at the right time. Not many women can sing Whitney and not be ashamed after, but she is not one of them. She has no fear and no weakness and proves she is still one of the best. Paula rambles on till she gets lost in a dead end of emotion filled phrases. Simon tells Lakisha she not only brought passion and talent, she looks great tonight. Careful with all that love Simon. It has been the kiss of death in the past. Lakisha is top twelve if not top two. Lakisha - Melinda finale? I'd buy that record.

Ryan is living out his teenage fantasies while having pillow fights with the girls. Gina is showing her good luck charms. She better sing the heck out of whatever this is first. It's a hard rocking Evanesence number and it suits Gina's style. In fact, I think this is the first time we've seen her sing like she wants to. She is a great rocker chick all the way to last line. She should have been doing this all along. Everyone is pleased with her performance including Simon which brings her to tears. I'm hoping she is in the final twelve.

Saving the best for last. Melinda Doolittle amazed last week. The vids of her performance last week appeared on YouTube and were in Most Viewed and Top Rated for a few days after. A few of the others made it there also, but not as much or as highly rated as hers. Tonight she could stay silent for her two minutes and still probably make it in, but I'm looking forward to whatever she offers. It's like dessert. It's all good. It's better than good, it is #$%ING great! She rocks out the old song, “I'm Woman. W-O-M-A-N!”. It's another performance worthy of the standing ovation it receives. Randy wants to go straight to the studio. Paula is like me, she can't wait every week to see what Melinda is going to do next. Simon says, “You little Tiger!”. He remarks how Melinda is actually loving what she is doing and we are loving right along with her. You could vote her out so she could get straight to the studio, but the next twelve weeks or so would be boring as heck.

In a fair world, Antonella and Haley would go home tomorrow night, but nothing is fair in love, war, or Idol. Gina should stay, but she or Stephanie could fall victim to the chaotic voting mechanisms of Idol. Let's hope when the chads fall, the best singers are still standing. May the best twelve win.