I've hardly paid any attention to Ryan's dressing this season. Too much to absorb at once early on in the series. It looks like he recycled last seasons grey suit with narrow collar with simple white shirt and grey tie. And by the way, Shirley Bassey does not come to mind when I think of the British Invasion. Is she even British? I mean really, I never felt invaded by Shirley Bassey in the least and especially not in a British way. Who knows? History is written and re-written every day.

It's nostalgia night. Peter Noone is singing “It's a Kind of a Hush”. I'm tempted to use the black magic marker on the TV screen, but I'll hold off. I didn't like it then and still don't. Time doesn't mend everything. Is anyone still awake after that? Probably my sister and a few hundred Herman's Hermits fans that happen to be watching. I feel like there should be a plea for funds for public television after the performance, but it doesn't happen.

If Lulu sings “To Sir with Love” then a lot could be forgiven. Like this Ford commercial filmed in a laundry with gymnast stand-ins and lots of suds. There is going to be a lot of seacresting before we get to results so I'm seacresting through the BS portions myself. The bottom two are Stephanie and Chris Richardson. More seacresting to commercial, but Ryan does announce that Lulu is going to sing as requested, so all is forgiven, except the Shirley Bassey stuff still needs explaining.

More reminders of Idol Gives Back. More explanations, more tricky arithmetic, more opportunities to exploit small children. Idol is making all the dough. I say let them give a huge chunk and shut up about it.

Lulu still has it, but I have to say the old Lulu was rounder and a lot less sophisticated than this one. This one looks younger and hipper than the old Lulu. There might be some surgery involved, but it was money well spent. Those high notes hurt a little bit, but check out the original film “To Sir With Love” in black and white if you get a chance. Some of it might seem silly, but parts of it are heartfelt and the song at the end is probably one of the best musical endings to any movie. Both the movie and the song were hits and no wonder.

Finally we are back to the elimination. Going home tonight is Stephanie. Chris is staying. The split is an evil thing in the short run, but it's going to get everyone but one in the end. Oh and I checked and Shirley Bassey is Welsh and recorded in the sixties so she barely qualifies, but on Idol that is close enough.