How deep is your love? Mine is probably not as deep as some you, and more than others. Tonight is Barry Gibb night. He goes back decades. You know at least one BeeGees or Barry Gibb song, even if you professed to hate the BeeGees. They were icons of an era when most of the music was forgettable.

First up is Melinda. She is singing “Inside and Out” and although she doesn't sing it in the familiar falsetto, it was good. It was note perfect, but not very exciting. Was it the song? Who are you going to blame for that? Simon says it was a backing vocalist performance and not a star's performance, which is a fair criticism I suppose. A lot of those disco era songs were more for dancing than singing.

Blake is going with “You Should Be Dancing”. It is going to include beat-boxing. What Blake forgot was that there were three people singing this song in the studio with numerous sound tracks and takes. His beat boxing sounds more like a skip in the CD on this song. His scatting is a little better, but not much. Either you're a Blake fan at this point or not. This song is not making me one. I thought it was horrible and like the high school amateur hour. His hair looks pretty fake too. The whole thing is not working. He is not keeping it real and that's a problem. Outside the box is not always a good place.

Lakisha is singing “Staying Alive”. No one can quite figure out how to sing these songs. They included so much falsetto and octave changes, they are hard to approach on a singing level. Lakisha is trying to keep up with the song, but it's usual staccato style is hard to adapt to soul. She does the best she could considering. It was the wrong song for the wrong style singer. These songs were so over-produced in the studio, no one is going to stand up to them in a live performance. Some of them had at least 60 vocal parts on them. They don't adapt well outside of shower singing or in the car when you are alone.

Jordin is next and my anxiety increases. She has picked the best song of the bunch. “To Love Somebody” is a very soulful and moving song. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the next American Idol, Jordin Sparks. She is seventeen years old and has a great voice and knack for picking the right song. She leaves everyone in her dust. In a group of three great female singers, she outshines them every week despite her lack of experience.

Melinda is back with her second try, “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?” It's a better performance this time, and the singing is great as usual. It sounds like Gladys Knight stopped by to sing a number. She kicks it up a key and a notch and brings the audience to their feet in mid-song. This was an award winning performance and could be a record. It makes up for her earlier boring round. Paula wants her to be more exciting and I actually agree. Melinda needs a red dress and stiff drink or two before going on stage. Excitement is all she is lacking. Her humbleness needs to take a break when she is performing.

Blake's second song is “This is Where I Came In” and no I don't remember it either. He sings the chorus like a Morrisey impression and the rest of it is pretty rough and unpolished. It was not a coherent performance. It was disjointed and not smooth in any manner. This time I don't agree with anything Paula says, but I do agree with Simon. It was a weird, bad choice of song and not performed very skillfully. Blake has had two strikes tonight and unless Lakisha falls and breaks something, he might be going home.

Ryan called Judge Judy Simon's evil twin. Wait till he ends up in court. Lakisha is singing “Run to Me” as her second song. It is a nice ballad and I think she will fit this song. She has on a great dress this time, very slimming and tailored. Lakisha is a good singer, but I'm not sure if she is a great singer. She doesn't go outside the box on this one at all and croaks on the last note. She has some special abilities, but we didn't see much of them in tonight's theme. Still she was better than Blake.

I'm excited now waiting for Jordin's next song. Can she hit two out of the park in one night? “Woman in Love” is the other perfect song. Did she kick someone's ass to get the two best songs in catalog or what? Barry says she is going to be a star and I agree. She is the star of this show. She is the perfect Idol candidate. She started out not so perfect, but good enough, and got better every week. She hasn't peaked yet. She just keeps getting better. Randy says it wasn't her best song. Paula is screwed up and doesn't know what she is saying. Simon says it was pageanty. Eh, I thought it was good. I like watching Jordin more than anyone else. I like her approach and natural technique.

Who will go home? It should be Blake, but it could be Lakisha. This is where it gets tricky. Fan base and popularity versus actual performance. I'd like to see the three women next week in a sing-off for the finale, but I'm not in charge. Anything can happen in Idol and does.