They really are wasting an hour tonight. Even Ryan comments on the fact that they have (nothing) to fill an hour tonight. I'm playing with other electronics, wearing headphones and watching in closed caption. Okay, I took the headphones off and turned the sound up for Pink, even though it was filmed weeks ago for Idol Gives Back. Idol Holds Back is more like it. Where were Pink and Gwen Stephanie? Held back, that's where. Gotta fill a little space with something besides commercials. I still love Pink even though Ryan's acting like she was there tonight was so fake I cringe.

The highlight tonight is probably geared to the Ford commercial. Someone in the forum suggested they all do jingles and I think it would be the perfect, most honest Idol theme ever. Tonight's Ford commercial mixes a Hard Day's Night film styling with the Kinks' “You Really Got Me”. If you lived through the era, this makes little sense, but for a youngster it's all reflective of the sixties I suppose. Just for the record, The Kinks were not in a Hard Day's Night, and the Beatles never sang “You Really Got Me”.

The group number proves that these kids don't know how to sing harmony. It's much more everyone singing the same notes instead of the great harmony parts that the BeeGees used. These divas all want to be out front and no one is singing backup ever again if possible. I don't think these ladies will ever make a girl-group. Blake looks like a hired escort or maybe he is the backup singer/dancer.

Lakisha is talking to herself saying Don't Cry if you go home and Remember the Words. I hope against hope she won't be using these skills, but the odds say different. Cut to this weeks cross commercialization, yet another film. This time it is The Fantastic Four. So Shakespearian. The commercial within the commercial. They pack it in and pretend it fits whether or not. Now we are on to hometown stories and family stories, the best part of the show, actually.

The results are/will be in after a really bad seacrest to more commercials. Gossip columns say Tony Bennett got into it with Simon and perhaps this led to his not performing on results night. Simon supposedly said he wasn't interested in training the kids in club appearances, he just wanted to make more money and this made Tony mad. Who knows? I never thought anyone involved was in it for the kid's benefit that much. They are searching for the most marketable product.

Hey, Barry Gibb is going to sing. “To Love Somebody” is a great song. Barry sounds OK, but a bit like he might be missing his brothers. Their strange approach to singing worked in oddly miraculous ways together, hence one of the reasons the contestants had so much trouble singing these songs. The unique combining of voices and vocal styles will never be reproduced and like them or not, their songs will outlive us all.

Blake and Lakisha are bottom two. No big surprises. Everyone has to go sometime. Tonight it is Lakisha. I'm sorry to say she did cry and maybe I did too for a tear or two, but she will be around. Number four is two steps higher than Jennifer Hudson and look at her. Lakisha does not forget the words and sounds better tonight than last night. She is in fact HOT tonight. Good luck Lakisha. Anything can happen in Idol and does.