A re-hash of a boring night is twice as boring the second time around. That's a mathematical theorem. Mine. The good thing about tonight is it is the last half hour results show and the bad thing is that it is the last half hour results show. Commercialism always reigns over common sense or decency. Who is feeling rushed? Does Ryan not like talking so fast? Anyhow, next week they go to hour results shows and most of us quit watching except for the last five minutes. Why bother? Are you lacking in minutes of commercialism? Not me. Thirty minute shows are a good waste of 25 minutes and I'm not anxious to waste an addition 30 minutes on seacresting to commercial.

Tonight is groups of three. They are mixing it up this year. Haley, Phil, and Gina are one group so we know where this is going. The three divas are in one group. Sanjaya, Chris, and Blake make up the third group. The three divas are safe and the top vote getters. That is a good sign. The three boys are safe including Sanjaya. Grrrrrrr. Either Haley, Phil, or Gina are going home. More after the break. Tony is going to sing first, then we'll wrap this thing up. Please save Gina is my wish. Will the Idol Fairy grant it? That fairy has been asleep on the job anyhow. Sanjaya is still there. Stupid fairy. Probably an appointee, sleeps around, or both.

Tony is NOT singing tonight. He has the flu. The Idol flu. He got sick after watching last night's show. Instead Michal Buble is singing. Whatever. There's one theme with a mixed up payoff. It's a letdown like a lot of Idol this year. How can you take it seriously? Or are you? I think not. I think we've grown bored. In the United Kingdom Pop Idol only lasted two seasons. The second time around the producers were not happy with the winner, saw her as unmarketable, and didn't renew the show. Instead they developed The X-factor. This way they got to market three acts per season instead of the one they were getting from Idol. The judges decide who is going and who is staying on X-factor. We may be headed in that direction after this year. They'll go on and on about how popular and marketable Idol products are until they get one they can't sell. It might happen sooner rather than later. Maybe they'll market videos of 101 Idol hairstyles or do a line of make-up or clothing instead of music.

Phil is safe and is returning to the crowd. Haley and Gina are the bottom two. Damn idiot fairy. Gina is going home and Haley is staying for another round. It's all messed up, but that's not anything new. Anything can happen on Idol and does.