The special guest/mentor this week is Tony Bennett. Eighty years young and still swinging. Who will handle the style best? And by that, I mean hairstyle. Idol used to be a singing show, but now it's more focused on hair. I think America is growing bored with Idol and tired of keeping up with it's seemingly innumerable winners. When people grow bored, they do strange things.

Blake Lewis is starting off with “Mack the Knife” and Tony is concerned that he knows what the words mean. It's usually important when selling a song. Blake is going for a straight ahead swing style. It's on key but this is a different universe for Blake. He picks it up as it progresses, but he looks like he is wearing his daddy's old baby blue wedding jacket from the 70's. He sticks to the theme and doesn't add any beatbox or tricks which, though appropriate, was kind of boring overall.

Phil Stacey says that Tony Bennett is his hero. Tony tells Phil to pick up the beat. “Night and Day” is the song. Phil does his usual subsonic first verse and waits until the second verse to go into human range. It's a good enough version, but I wouldn't pay to see it and probably wouldn't even watch it again on YouTube. I could be napping and have the same emotions. Paula is high as usual. She thinks Phil is just like a young Frank Sinatra. Simon wants to know which Frank Sinatra. Simon says it has the joy of someone singing in a funeral parlor. Dark and No Life. Phil is not destined for the finals. Defensiveness at the judges comments won't help his cause any either.

Tony says Melinda Doolittle has the best voice he's heard all day. She has a better hairdo and look this week and is the professional we expect. “I've Got Rhythm” sounds as good as it ever has. Melinda changes up the tempo and stays on top with every change. She's a pro and should have a record out already. She sings like most people never will after years of lessons and practice. She is a natural talent that makes it all look easy. Simon thinks it is a problem that they are never able to criticize her and though he is joking, it's true.

Chris Richardson looks more like a rat packer than the other boys. Will that help? I doubt it. He is singing “Don't Get Around Much Anymore”. Tony tells him to learn his lyrics and he can have fun with it. He is also singing it straight on with no affectations. No one has really modernized any of the standards up to now. This might actually be the best singing that Chris had done all competition because he is for ONCE not trying to imitate Justin Timberlake. Not one single corkscrew/drop motion the entire song. Great job. Even Simon liked it.

Jordin is singing “On a Clear Day”. Tony liked what she did with changing a note or two. Jordin has found her groove. She has it all together and is singing at the top of her game. The more practiced girls may have been the hottest out of the starting gate, but Jordin has caught up to them all. She could easily take the lead if she keeps progressing. This Idol is going to end up Clash of the Divas or Sanjaya wins it all. It could go either way.

Gina is singing “Smile”. Tony says the song gives us hope. Gina is sitting on a stool and singing the song straight with no add-ons. It's the first time we've been shown the prettier side of Gina's voice. She has the power if she needs it, but the controlled Gina has a great voice and did a great performance. It was the most understated Gina has been. Simon rudely criticizes her as not being as good as the girls before her. It's not true tonight.

Sanjaya's goal is to show America that he can actually sing. He did what many predicted he would. Hair slicked back and a suit. “Cheek to Cheek” is the song. It was not good singing or dancing and even going cheek to cheek with Paula couldn't save this performance. I feel for the kid. I wanted him to excel and show everyone up, but alas. Alas. Alas. An interjection used to express regret, sorrow, or grief is the best I can do.

Haley Scarnato is singing “Ain't Misbehavin'”. I hardly watched. I wanted batons with fire. I got a cabaret act that ended with a cute pageant pose. Cute in some circles. I'm tired and I want to go home. Okay, I'm at home and I want to go somewhere exciting. Somewhere I haven't been tonight. One more chance to fly me to the moon.

Lakisha doesn't know the burden placed on her shoulders. I've barely been amused tonight and want something to remember this night by. She is appropriately singing “Stormy Weather”. Lakisha still pushes more of my fun buttons than any of the other singers and she doesn't disappoint me tonight. Simon calls it a sassy performance and that is a good description.

Who is going and who is staying? Some smooth performances tonight but someone has to go home. Sanjaya, Phil, and Haley should be the bottom three. Either Haley or Phil will go. Like it or not, Idol marches on.