It's country week and Martina McBride is going to sing, but for reasons unrelated to any logic other than crass commercialism, Fergie is singing first. I'm barely paying attention and watching YouTube more than I am Idol. The hour long results shows are lots of fluff and waste. It's fairly rude to upstage Martina with Fergie if you ask me, but when was Idol known for it's sensitivity? Sales matter more, obviously. Idol is a giant hamster wheel with a much better payoff than crunchy pellets. Fergie should get her own night or not appear at all. Idol doesn't know Country and they don't know southern manners either.

If you haven't heard, Idol is Giving Back. “It's going to be an unforgettable experience”. That could mean a lot of things and not all of them good. It's fairly generalized as to who Idol is giving back to, but they seem to have duped enough people anxious for TV Time on America's most popular TV show to appear. We Are the World, We Are the Idol, and we need to not appear so crassly commercial as we actually are. Something like that if you're cynical like me.

Tonight Ryan is playing groups again. Sanjaya, Lakisha, and Blake are in what appear to be the bottom group. He attempts to have Melinda pick the group that is safe with her, but she sits down in the middle of the stage. I was correct in my assumption of the bottom three group. Randy thinks it's dawg that Blake is in the bottom group. Simon is grinning. He can see light at the end of the Sanjaya Tunnel.

Now they are selling Shrek 3. We haven't been sold enough things yet. Coke, Fords, Fergie records, Idol's generosity (They are GIVING BACK if you haven't heard), and now an upcoming Shrek movie. It's all related somehow ($$$) even if it makes no sense in real life. Antonio Banderas makes an appearance, next. Everyone is on Idol tonight. Everyone that ha$ $omething to $ell. What a big bunch of hot air. They are short on time, so now Martina is going to be scrunched in among this weeks special sales items. I hope to hell she makes some sales from this crap. Life is short and this show makes it shorter by a wasted hour. Martina actually is wearing less than Fergie was. It's a Brave New World in the the entertainment business. Lycra is Queen.

Back to the lowly Idol contestants. Blake is safe. Lakisha or Sanjaya is going home. It is Sanjaya that is going home tonight. My world brightens a little and a bit of the wobble goes away. Sanjaya was probably the most well know contestant ever on Idol and that is saying a lot. Anything can happen on Idol and does.