Tonight is the last chance to make an impression. It better be a big one if you want to be back here next week. Three finalists sing three songs each. It's going to be a busy night with judges' pick, producers' pick, and contestants each selecting a song.

First is Jordin with Simon's pick for her, “Wishing on a Star” by Rose Royce. I get the reference but it's not that memorable a song is it? It's a good song for Jordin, she sings it great. I'm still not convinced it was that good a song. Simon doesn't like the jazzy arrangement and tells Jordin it wasn't one of her better performances. Who is to blame? Who is to blame? Thanks for nothing, Simon. Why didn't you offer something on the arrangement beforehand, Simon? Maybe they've decided it has to be a boy and a girl in the finale no matter what.

Blake is going to sing Paula's choice. Well, he can't actually sing that on commercial television, but the song she picked is “Roxanne” by the Police. I've heard Sting sing this song in every fashion available, so I don't have big expectations. Blake picks one of the later versions to attempt to mock. He is on key about half the time. This is not a great singers song. It only has about 5 notes in it, but that's Paula for you. I was bored. Randy is full of bull, Paula is full of pharmaceuticals, and Simon says it was an impersonation and was good, but not great. Exactly. I've never been excited even once by Blake.

Our Governor reads Randy's choice for Melinda, “I Believe in You and Me”. Didn't we announce a moratorium on Whitney songs? Melinda sings it just fine. It's not hard to make comparisons in her case, because she stands up to them. Melinda is one of the best singers ever in any Idol competition. She can handle any style and has. All Melinda needs is the confidence to kick into her higher gear in a natural fashion. I think she will pick it up immediately and be a dream in the studio and onstage. Melinda will probably win this Idol and I won't be disappointed if she does. The judges, Simon especially favors her and calls her the winner of round one.

The producers (unnamed so far) have chosen Donna Summer's “She Works Hard for the Money” as Jordin's song. I don't get it. Why does the seventeen year old get the old disco song about hard life? It was okay, she got a little bleety at the end. It wasn't a great song. It was old and old-fashioned. The judges are a mess. No help, no criticisms, cackling and giggling like school girls on holiday. They seem to forget there is still one more week.

Meanwhile Blake gets a Maroon5 song. Something a little newer by 30-40 years. Of course it suits him perfectly. He sounds better on this song than most anything else he's done on Idol. I've never been a Blake fan and I won't pretend to be now, but that was pretty good. Randy is concerned that if Blake puts out a record, he sing like that. Paula, eh, who cares. Simon liked it a lot. Enough to make it a boy-girl finale. They are so weird about these things.

Melinda gets “Nutbush City Limits” by Tina Turner. Someone wants to see if Melinda can shake a tail feather. Can she? You can't get there on technique. You can only get there on soul. Well Tina nearly screamed the song she felt it so much. Melinda is a good actress if she didn't mean it fully. Tina makes me squeal, but Melinda only made me grunt a little. I still think a mild tranquilizer might be beneficial to her performance, but please do not try this at home without a doctor's supervision. I'm not a professional.

Jordin's own choice of song is “I Who Have Nothing”. It's now or never for everyone. This is the drama song. Jordin is working the camera and the song. It was really her best performance so far. She had great timing and great technique all the way through. Simon says he didn't like a seventeen year old singing a sixty year old song. I told you he already decided on a Melinda/Blake finale. Jordin comments that the Rose Royce song was from the 70's and everyone looks confused. We know exactly what she means? Old is okay if Simon picked it.

Blake gets no introduction or did I miss something? He is singing Robin Thicke's “When I Get You Alone”. It's a good song for Blake, but not like anything else he's sung so far. Simon cannot heap enough praise on Blake. He's so obvious. Why did we even bother with tonight? Melinda/Blake finale unless Melinda throws up in the middle of the next number. I'm just saying, it seems to be decided. I guess it's okay, Everyone has to go sometime.

Melinda's choice of song is “I'm a Woman”. She shows us why she should rightfully be the winner of American Idol 2007. She is the best singer of the competition, no two ways about it. Paula says “awesome” and people throw back shots and bong toke all over the world. What else can you say? It's been an awesome season and summer is nearly here. School will be out and Idol will be over. Tonight is everyone's last chance. Who will be the American Idol? There are three people who want to be. Randy says the two girls will be in the final. Paula won't (can't) say. Simon says he wants his girl Melinda in the final and that's all he is saying. Anything can happen in Idol and does.