The group sing-a-long is a medley of “Baby Love” and then “Stop In the Name of Love”. Stop the wacky voting for Baby Love (Sanjaya) in the name of Love. It's a subliminal message from Inner Idol.

They are doing some of the countdown right away. Lakisha is safe. Gina is safe. Brandon is in the bottom three. Jordin is back next week. Chris Richardson is safe. Melinda Doolittle is not going home. Phil Stacey is in the bottom three with Brandon. Chris Sligh is safe. Stephanie is safe. Yay! I was afraid she might fall victim to the split. Blake is safe. Seacresting to commercial we are left wondering if it is Haley or Sanjaya in the bottom three. It really doesn't matter. The bottom is close to right. I think Phil is best singer in the bunch. He just needs to get out of the box early and not wait until mid-song to start singing. The others. Eh. Everyone's got to go sooner or later. Sanjaya should be the one going, but we shall see.

Diana comes on with her usual high drama entrance. “I Love You More Today Than Yesterday” is the new single she is pushing. It's from a collection of oldies that is her new album. I sincerely wish the judges would give her a little criticism about those high flat notes, but it's all about the whole package. Dress, shoes, hair, make-up. She pretty much looks like she did twenty or thirty years ago when done up. She is saying all the right words and phrases and when Ryan asks her “Who is going home?” she laughs and says “Me!” Still it was nice to see her. She is sixty two, which is two years younger than Mick Jagger. You're only as young as you feel.

Back to the elimination. Haley is safe and Sanjaya is in the bottom three also. Brandon, Phil, or Sanjaya. Phil is safe and sitting down. Brandon is going home and Sanjaya is safe. America nearly got it right, but neither was has been impressive. One down, ten to go. Thanks to Idol for keeping it to a half hour show even while including a diva's performance. Let's hope next week's theme is kinder, gentler and more exciting than this unimpressive one.