Tonight’s theme is Billboard Top 10. I’m watching Paula to see if she has a guilty look about her. If you bump someone when you’re going 70 on the expressway, and you keep on going, what’s it called? No, not a Seacrest. It’s a felony, I think.

First is Anthony Federov, the milquetoast crooner. Up, Up, with People! You’re probably too young, but they were bright, cheery, young, clean singers back in olden times. He would have fit right in. “I Knew You Were Waiting for Me” sounds like a commercial to me. He really needs a makeover. His look is more boring than his voice. The hand movements during his Ryan-time say “Don’t Vote For Me” quite loudly.

Next is Country Girl Carrie singing a rock song. Too bad about that electrical accident before the show. She didn’t have time for a comb-out or something. This is Heart without the soul. Carrie pumps them out like a girl that’s practiced with the radio too long. She can sing loud, and on-key, but she’s memorized the words. They mean nothing to her. Simon is taking Paula’s drugs I think. It’s not only rude to all the present contestants, it’s belittling to all the previous ones to declare Carrie such a big winner so early in the competition. “You will sell more than any contestant ever!” I could barf. Every week he has a bigger pronouncement than the week before. What Simon says is beginning to mean little except what daydreams of manipulation and money he has during the performances.

Scott Savol picks a Phil Collins’ song, “Take a Look at Me Now”. Consider the irony since his appearance is what he’s been criticized for up to now. I never really liked this song, but it is Scott’s best performance to date. Everyone seems to have lost some of the stage nerves from the earlier weeks, and the judges seem to have lost all sense of direction. They can’t agree with each other or themselves from week to week. Is he good or terrible? I’m glad it is viewers voting and not the judges.

Bo Bice has a story to go with all his songs. After all, “Time in A Bottle” is about memories. He connects the song to an emotion and works it into the song. Despite his 1970’s Southern Rock look and styling, he does actually know how to convey emotion. This song doesn’t have a big drama moment though, so it’s not an Idol type song. The judges bicker as usual, but Simon sees it like I do. Bo is a natural performer, not a forced memorizer. He could make you feel the phonebook.

Nikko Smith picks a Sisco song and a costume to go with his act. Somehow, he doesn’t expire from heat exhaustion. He sings his song on key for a change. It’s a good change and a great improvement over past performances. Paula kisses Simon for the second time of the evening. How much xanax does that take?!

Vonzell is giving us “The Best of My Love”. She works it like a Disco girl from the 70’s. Vonzell cuts loose for the first time. She shows no fear for once. She works the floor and the song. Her hair looks great where Carrie's looked more Bride of Frankenstein. Everyone is actually improving tonight. Simon agreed with Paula again. This could be the night that Simon and Paula finally drunkenly stumble into bed. Or a nearby closet in the studio. Although Simon actually grimaces when Paula gets close. Some things you can’t hide.

Constantine reworks the classic Partridge Family number, “I Think I Love You”. ‘Nuff said.

Nadia Turner chooses Cyndi Lauper’s “Time after Time”. Strange hair must be a theme tonight. She’s wearing a Mohawk Fro and somehow it works. Her intensity doesn’t match the tenderness in this song though. It’s too much muscle for a delicate subject. I agree with Simon. It’s her weakest performance yet. Looks 10, Dance 2. It all didn’t work together. She was dressed for and acted a tough song, but needed to show a little tenderness.

My least favorite Mikalah tries to rescue her brief career, but she starts off flat and out of key and doesn’t get much better. She sings with socks in her mouth yet again. “Love Will Lead You Back”, but this performance will get you sent home. Paula dresses up and pretties up all her criticism, but it’s obvious she also thinks it sucks and nothing can make it any better.

Anwar is singing Chaka Khan tonight. “Ain’t Nobody” takes a big dose of emotion to sing. He does OK on the chorus, but he falls flat in the verses, which offer little to a singer. Tonight the pros from previous weeks are having a tougher time of it. I didn’t like it. It seemed forced and all building to one big note that didn’t make up for all the mediocre rest of the song. Bad choice.

Jessica Sierra is last tonight. She’s a little bit Cheryl Crow and a little bit country and she’s got good tone and a strong,but variable voice. I don’t like the song she chose tonight, “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, but she showed complete control and sang it well. I see more potential in her than in most of the other contestants. It’s anyone’s game still. Some of the lesser voices had better performances than some of the favorites tonight. It’s a fun time in Idol competition. There is still a lot of development of style and personality yet to come. It could be an amazing performance or a felonious bump on the highway to stardom, but the unexpected can still happen and that’s what keeps us interested. Tonight there were no huge standouts (except those urges Simon keeps having), some mediocre performances by the former standouts, and only one obvious going-home performance.