Jeremiah was a bullfrog. And “Joy to the World” is tonight's group number. The good thing about it is you can see them sing side by side and the comparisons aren't pretty. There are some stars are among this group and they are all women. They make the bad singers look worse and the men nearly disappear. It could so easily be a a four man-eight woman final twelve, but some wacky sexist made up rule states we must have six males and six females. These aren't breeding pairs we're selecting. It would be so easy to send home four guys tonight and save the women (and children) first.

The new format for eviction has improved this year. They have eliminated the seacresting to commercial before the elimination, sparing already raw nerves. It's not perfect. Ryan still toys with the contestants like a cat with a mouse, till finally we learn that Nick is the first one going home tonight. Nick sings “Fever” once again and is a perfect gentleman in his composed farewell. Good job and good luck Nick.

The ladies are next. I'm not sure why dimming the lights is necessary. More fake drama is my guess. I'm having trouble seeing who is safe and who isn't. All my favorites are safe and Alaina is the first one going home. She has forgotten the words to her song and finally just gives up and they let the track play as she hugs her friends goodbye. Unfortunately, she recovers enough to sing the last verse. Good luck Alaina.

Someone shot out Paula's microphone or there was an electrical problem. I think Simon was involved as she was cut off in mid-sentence during her comforting segment. Trouble follows Paula like a second shadow. Between she and Alaina, that segment totally sucked.

Kellie Pickler is back tonight and it is knockers out and short hair bleached to the texture of plastic. The look is Nashville circa 1962, but I'm not sure that is intentional. Carrie Underwood didn't leave a lot of room for a new girl in country music this year. Carrie is more marketable and a better singer than Kellie. Kellie's song sounds like five or six hundred other boring country whiners, no real distinction at all. She brings herself to tears, if no one else. She is her own best audience.

Now it's the next guy going home segment. It is down to two, Sanjaya and A.J. Unfortunately is it A.J. going home tonight. He was great the other night and again tonight. What is wrong with people? Even Sanjaya knew it should have been him going home. Tough luck A.J. Maybe better things than Idol are awaiting.

The next lady going home is not Lakisha. It is either Jordin or Leslie. It is Leslie that is going home and I'm not surprised. I think Leslie will do better in a different market than what Idol covers. Good luck Leslie.

Next week is the last double elimination round before the final twelve. See you then.