Well, it’s Ladies’ Night and the feeling's right. At least I hope so. It’s Idol time. First up for the ladies is Vonzell Solomon. She starts it off right with “Heatwave”. She works the song emotionally, but has a few pitch problems. She’s a fair entertainer and I think she will be here next week.

Amanda Avila has the Idol look, but her choice of song, “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” comes off as tedious. She reaches for a few notes she never finds and her phrasing is boring. Not a top 12 in my book. Those pleading looks afterwards didn’t help her. It just made me sure I didn’t want to vote for her. If you entertain, you’ll get votes. Don’t try to use your looks in hopes we’ll ignore your poor performance.

Jenay Castine takes a more dramatic tact with a song that builds slowly. I’m not sure if she knew exactly where she was going and felt a bit lost at times. Where it was supposed to peak, she was still wandering around. The ending kind of just petered out. She has potential, but not enough experience yet.

Singing next is country gal Carrie Underwood. She chooses a quiet pretty song that she belts at times. Her voice reminds me of a young Martina McBride. I bet she listens to her a lot. Although not a polished performer, she has more presence than any of the other ladies so far. The judges call her a sure fire winner which has served as the kiss of death in past competitions. Good luck anyhow.

Sarah Mather is pretty and did well in auditions. She has a deep soulful voice. “Get Ready” is a good song to get the crowd on its feet and we get to see a bit of her style. I’d like to see her sing a Bonnie Rhaitt Song, though. It was OK, but just. I hope she's back next week.

Melinda Lira bites off a big one. “The Power of Love” is a big power ballad. I didn’t like it the first time around with Celine, and this time it’s really boring. Randy loves her and calls her a young Kelly Clarkson. I just didn’t hear it or see it. Knowing what’s come before can be a blessing or a nightmare. I’m undecided on this one.

Nadia Turner was a standout in auditions and holy moly she is rocking it. She is a star in my book already. Whatever that mystique and control is that makes a person a star, she got a double dose. She gets my vote and she could be the next Idol in my book. It was the only real performance by a real performer so far. She sang like a woman, not a girl. Dammit, I hate to fall in love this early in the show. It can only lead to disappointment. She’ll probably quit early and get a better contract.

Celina Ray sadly has to follow. She throws the program back into high school talent show status, although I would bet she has done a pageant or two since then. It was spirited, but hollow. What can I say? I’ve been vexed by Nadia. Everyone will seem childish and immature now. I’m ruined.

Mikayla Gordon is next. She was Simon’s favorite so far. I think she sucks. She can pretend to be Barbara or The Nanny, but she can’t sing as well as either. Lots of attitude and not enough talent. “Young Hearts” has never been flatter. Her Brooklynese is annoying. If girls are voting, she’ll go soon. Paula is an idiot.

I fell into a daydream during Lindsey Cardinale’s performance thinking about what Nadia might sing next week. It was an OK performance, on key and boring as hell. What’s with women wearing lingerie like eveningwear? What do they wear for sex? I bet Nadia wears…oh never mind. Still two more performers to go. Could anyone smite me more than I‘ve been smitten?

Jessica Sierra has a soulful voice. She reminds ME of a young Kelly Clarkson. She has good tone and control. “Take a Look at Me Now” can be a terrible song, but she does it justice. She’s on key and opens her eyes when she sings. I like her. (Nadia, I STILL love you).

Last up is Aloha Mischeaux. She delivers in a big mama style in a short red dress. It’s bad girl style, “We’re Gonna Work It Out”. She has some off notes, but she works it. She tries to copy Beyonce a bit too much. She has potential to be the bomb or a porn star. Her open legged stance was either strong or nasty. You decide.

There are a lot of performers to wade through in the early stages and I like it better after the garden has been weeded. The stand out performance tonight was, you guessed it, Nadia Turner. Did I mention I think she’s good?