Big Brother 12 Finale

Well, tonight’s epi began with a run-down of the season thus far. We were also given an update as to what had been going on in the house this last week.....including the Enzo brainwashing of the guys considering who should be in the final 2. Enzo first worked on Hayden, then Lane....trying to convince them that they would go farther if they kept him versus the other. Facts are: Hayden and Lane made a commitment a very long time ago to take each other to the final 2.

Next up, we see Brit entering the jury house. She tells the house of the Brigade alliance that was in the big house. This of course hits the jury and there you see Matt sitting there with his evil grin on. Now Matt tells Brit his little secret......about the fake disease his wife has. Brit says that she knew that Matt was a sneaky snarky conniving person that would do anything for money, but now she knows that to be more true than ever. Does it change how she feels about the guy, no, but the fact that her opinion of him has been solidified even more. I am going to put in my again, as this is just outrageous that he would make up a lie like that and think the way he does about it. This man just doesn’t have many scrupples. I am glad though that there doesn’t seem like any others on the BB that have the same little scrupples that he has. Okay, getting off my soap box now.......

The jury get together to discuss the “season of the brigade”........ There was discussion of how there were 4 core people of the alliance, in which 3 made side alliances for a total of 7 votes in the house.........they had the numbers from the beginning. All members of the jury were deciding who of the final 3 deserve the money more than the others. The answers that they came up with were Hayden. The one thing that they wanted to have happen is because the guys that are still in the house have never actually sat on the block worried that they were going to be evicted, never experienced the stress of that, so now the jury hopes to ask the questions that will make the guys squirm a bit in the house as the questions were asked.

The final competition of the 3 part HOH. The guys were asked certain questions regarding the comments made by certain houseguests on the jury. It is an A/B response for the questions and the guy that has the most correct answers is the winner. The guys were still tied after 6 questions so it went to a tie-breaker. The tie-breaker question was: In part one of the HOH competition; “Rumble in the Jungle”, how many times did you hit the wall? Hayden gave the number closest to the correct answer and was the winner of the HOH.

Up Next..........Enzo’s eviction

After both Lane and Enzo gave their parting speeches, Hayden made the choice to evict Enzo.

Next up...........Jury questions

First, the jury houseguests were introduced to the audience and they went and sat on the stage. Enzo was then brought back on the stage. The jury was told that they will have the opportunity to ask the guys some questions. Rachel asked Lane, Brendon asked Hayden, Matt asked Lane, Kathy asked Hayden, Britney asked Lane, Ragan asked Hayden, and Enzo asked Lane. After all the questions were asked, the guys were able to give their final speeches and the jury was then asked to complete the live vote.

Up next........four other houseguests join the jury on the stage

Annie, Monet, Andrew and Kristen were brought out onto the stage. Annie talked about her saboteur days, Monet talked about her disagreements with Rachel, Kristen was called out on the fact of the showmance that she was having with Hayden. Andrew then commented on Matt’s lie about his wife’s “illness”. Andrew corrected Matt regarding the name of the disease and it’s pronunciation. Andrew told the lie right there and was thankful that she was completely healthy........meanwhile, Lane and Hayden are looking dumbfounded. Julie tells him to back up as she explained that Lane and Hayden are hearing about this for the first time. Hayden was surprised and commented that he got played like a fiddle regarding the lie.......Lane’s comment was: “Make up a lie about your dog, not about your wife......come on a disease with your wife.” Then Julie asks Matt if he has any remorse for the lie. Matt comments that he has no remorse for the lie since it was strategic.” Come on, remorse for making up a lie about your wife having a debilitating disease just for a strategic reason.........again, that is just absolutely insane how you would do that. It is rude, and totally unforgivable regarding you trying to get ahead of the game making things up about an illness when there are actual people out there that are suffering from that one as well as many other debilitating illnesses out is like he is slamming it in their faces. Okay, jumping down off my soap box once again.....LOL.

Up next...........the voting is revealed.

Lane: Rachel, Brendon, Britney,

Hayden: Kathy, Matt, Ragan, Enzo

Hayden is the official winner of Big Brother 12 and the winner of $500,000.00

Lane is the official runner up and the winner of $50,000.00

Britney was announced as the America’s choice for the most favourite houseguest and won $25,000.00 along with her $10,000.00 from one of the competitions close to the end of the season gave her a balance of $35,000.00 won in the house.

Well, this is the last blog for this season of Big Brother....hope you enjoyed reading them as I enjoyed making them for you. Hope to see you all on the board through the coming year.