DanGheesling: Alright! I have never done a chat, but I figured I would pop in to the best BB site to do one first - how does this operation run?
DanGheesling: OK. Since the show has ended I have been trying to stop my head from spinning! I've gotten a lot of overwhelming support from great fans.

JJMtl thinks Dan's flipping at the screen moving so fast lol
DanGheesling: JJMtl, you are right.

Jokerette: yes you have MANY fans here )
DanGheesling: My family did say they were fond of Jokers and really told me to come here and talk to you guys, so thank them as well.

DanGheesling: And thank you to whoever had me hold a sign at the wrap party, forget the name?
DanGheesling: I guess that person was a big fan?

NFLFan314: Dan I wish it was you and Keesha in the final 2
maeve: love keesha beesha!
KeeKeeFTW: Dan I wish it was you and keesha at the end
DanGheesling: Team Deesha, hahahaha.

DanGheesling: OK - there will be some NEWS soon. Obviously something leaked about the RealPlayer Renegade interview.
DanGheesling: We just finalized the details today, it will be next Wednesday, I believe.
Duchess: are you gonna put yoru shorts on ebay? ----- you're assuming he's taken them off
DanGheesling: The shorts, ahhahaa...

LunaC wants to know if Dan posted or lurked on Jokers before going in the house
Jokerette: he did tell me he was on ju prior to house!

NFLFan314: Dan did you see that Keesha is already getting &322 on ebay for the cowduck you gave her.
@cricket: Dan did you read at Jokers before going in the house? We loved your shoutouts!!!

DanGheesling: I like to keep my fan happy, however, the shorts are my favorite thing from the BB house - I am undecided on them.

Schatter: Dan...you must have known about Jokers. You did a shoutout to them
DanGheesling: Did I know about Jokers before going into the house? No!!!! Of course not, did I check Jokers for any information on the cast days before I entered the house, NO WAY! I would never do such a thing.

NFLFan314: Dan Did you see that Keesha is already getting $322 for that cow duck you gave her on eviction night??????
DanGheesling: No, I did not see that about the duck, that's a lot of $$$!
DanGheesling: No, I haven't seen any of the feeds.

Schatter: Jockerette...*rosebud it's the shoutout word that Danielle used in allstars
Jokerette: oh i see ty!
DanGheesling: Wow, you guys don't miss anything! Rosebud was from a movie ---- anyone know the movie?

DanGheesling: I've taken multiple film study classes and enjoy the cinema.

Ivory_mist: have you talked to Renny
DanGheesling: I talked to Renny for the first time today - she's the best.

DanGheesling: In the near future, keep an eye out for a game, or contest if you will. Everyone knows I like to play games, so why not let you all get involved?
sammyf: what kind of game
wantscake: Jokers Roulette?
luvmykitties: BB fan Roulette?
DanGheesling: I will actually be giving away a few things to some fans, things from the house - but it will be in the form of a game, you know I have to make it interesting!

Touli: what did u do with the fake veto during the jury questions btw?
DanGheesling: OK - FAKE VETO - good question.
DanGheesling: I used it in my final speech, I heard it did not make the cut?

Cindy64: what did you say about the fake veto?
kashi: what did you say about the fake veto?
DanGheesling: Aww man, that was one of my greatest antics! I can't complain though, I've heard that I have a more than favorable edit on the show.

kathy4462: Your edit was good
roxylala: you had a great edit, but you're a great player/person so the edit was truthful
BBInsider1: Ohh i see Vern from Wisconsin is HERE!! lol

luvmykitties: so what did you do with the fake Veto (since we didn't see it)
DanGheesling: Vern from Wisconsin!!! It amazes me how much you guys do not miss!

Rainy: lol dan, i tried to call in as Vern
BoomerMcGee: Dan!! Verne has a MySpace page!!
heckyeahfool: Verne has been a big part of Jokers for a while!
DanGheesling: When Memphis and I formed the Renegades, it was the night of the pillow attack on the girls. We went in the DR with Bandanas on, that didn't air either???

Cindy64: Dan- Have you watched any refeeds/shows yet?
DanGheesling: I have seen the first 2 episodes, that's about it. I have not seen any of the internet footage.

TinkerBee: watch some internet footage when you get a chance...
DanGheesling: Tinker, anything in particular that I should watch?

LunaC: lots of the internet footage has been taken down....CBS cracked down on youtibes this season....but there's still lots you can find if you want to
heckyeahfool: Some of Jerry on the feeds will blow you away, Dan
roxylala: jerry will be interesting to watch...
heckyeahfool: he is so not the same person he let people believe
TinkerBee: Some of what MICHELLE said on the feeds will blow you away also, Dan
DanGheesling: Ah, I take that back, hahaha, I have seen Jerry falling in the pool, someone sent me that in e-mail.

Schatter: Dan...the one thing I'd like to say before you leave or something is that YOU were a HG who managed to win the game without disparaging others or using the F word every other word or making personal attacks. I thank you very much for that
DanGheesling: Thanks Schatter, just tried to play it like a game, some people got wrapped up in it.

pfrsccmore: dan do u miss the spiders ???
DanGheesling: What makes you think I don't have one of the spiders?

DanGheesling: I heard I got blasted online after making the deal with Ollie? You guys thought I was going to go through with it huh?

DanGheesling: Are all chats like this, it is hard for me to follow?

Cindy64: Have you and Memphis launched the Renegades clothing line yet?
DanGheesling: Cindy, good question - Renegade clothing.

Cindy64: Is there a website for Renegade Clothing?
DanGheesling: We are about 95% done, and lets just say you will SEE it soon.

DanGheesling: Anymore last minute questions?
bee75: Tons Dan..visit your chatroom at the renegades site!!!!!!!
DanGheesling: What Renegades site?

heckyeahfool: Rengade Fan Forum
roxylala: go to your section on Jokers and it's there

DanGheesling: Allen Park in the house! I used to work in Allen Park for a summer.
DanGheesling: Oh, if anyone is in Michigan - I will be on WRIF tomorrow morning!

bb: Angtown set up the Renegades forum I think
DanGheesling: www.wrif.com

DanGheesling: I should be on around 8:00am.

heckyeahfool: http://www.renegadesbb10.proboards106.com/
DanGheesling: Also keep an eye on my good friend's blog, www.mooretosay.com --- exclusive interview soon

losingmyway: DAN! Please do a video chat soon!
DanGheesling: Video chat?
pfrsccmore: talk to keesha about a userplane chat

GaryFTW: userplane cate
SuzyHomemaker: You need a webcam...
DanGheesling: SuzyHomemaker - thanks for all the support!

DanGheesling: Nice work with the Renegade Fan board - I will try to post on their soon.

DanGheesling: I will have a new blog posted soon...but I will leave you with this
DanGheesling: Everyone knows I like to play games, well who better to play games with then all of you, any of the Dan/Renegade fans may rememeber that there were 3 Tye Dye shirts made.
SuzyHomemaker: yea...one is on ebay
DanGheesling: Suzy - did her homework, one is on eBay.
DanGheesling: One was given away.
DanGheesling: The last, and best Renegade shirt will be given away, or shall I say earned.
DanGheesling: With that, I bid you all a fond farewell and remember...a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.