cricket: hi Dan Gheesling :)
Jokerette: hey Dan :)
DanGheesling: Well well well, we meet again. ;)
Jokerette: how's it going Dan??
DanGheesling: Hey everyone, I'm glad I could come by for you all.
Jokerette: long time since I've seen you :)
Jokerette: We're so glad you made it...
Jokerette: what have you been up to?
yennifer: Hey Dan
DanGheesling: Well coming out of the house, it was a whirlwind and I was very overwhelmed by everything.
Jokerette: I bet you were.
Jokerette: What was the first thing you did?
DanGheesling: It was a lot of fun but very unexpected!
Jokerette: I just BET lol
DanGheesling: The first thing I did, wow, I think just sat back and talked with my family.
Jokerette: A little birdy told us you and Monica are broken up. True?
Jokerette: sounds good to me!
DanGheesling: They were so excited to tell me everything, I couldn't believe all of the support and fans that were out there. I used to joke in the house that coming out of there, I wasn't sure my family would still like me let alone have fans.
Jokerette: of course you have fans :)
Jokerette: many many of them right here! Later, they'll yap to you :)
Jokerette: So, you and Monica broken up?
DanGheesling: The only thing I will really say about it is that we are no longer together.
Jokerette: i'm sorry to hear, sweetie
Jokerette: moving right along :)
Jokerette: RennysWig asks: Every season, some very good players get evicted early. OF those players eliminated BEFORE sequester, who do you think was potentially the best player?
DanGheesling: Great question. I thought that they all brought something to the table, but you have to take a look at Brian who could have done well in the game behind the scenes, in terms of manipulation.
Jokerette: he was a bright one, wasn't he?
DanGheesling: I always broke the house down in two ways, those that were players in the backyard (competitions) and those that were players in the house (manipulation).
Jokerette: how did you separate them? Who on which side?
DanGheesling: I thought Brian would be a great 'in house' player, that's why I aligned with him early on.
Jokerette: I see.
DanGheesling: You don't have to be a great backyard player to win the game, which has been proven in previous seasons. It helps but it is not necessary.
Jokerette: what is a backyard player? Competition winner?
DanGheesling: Yes, a backyard player is someone who performs well in competitions.
DanGheesling: Jesse falls into that category.
Jokerette: I gotcha. No, they don't win always... look at Janelle
DanGheesling: He did very well outside, but not so well inside.
Jokerette: no he didn't for sure.
Jokerette: have you talked to him at all?
DanGheesling: No actually I haven't.
Jokerette: Who all have you kept in touch with?
DanGheesling: We got along pretty well in the house we just haven't touched base.
Jokerette: I see.
DanGheesling: I stay in touch with Memphis the most, I've gone out to visit him. We always have things we're working on too.
Jokerette: what are you working on??
DanGheesling: I really did not expect to make such a good friend in the house, but we'll always be great friends.
Jokerette: more renegade apparel?
Jokerette: that's WONderful :) he's a lovely guy, too.
Jokerette: even if he DID make me eat slop at the wrap. ROFL
Jokerette: realityfan asks: Hi dan, do you watch survivor and what has been the craziest fan experience you've had since coming off the show?
DanGheesling: Yes, the apparel is doing pretty well (, but we also have some other irons in the fire, cannot talk about them yet though. ;)
Jokerette: that is GREAT
DanGheesling: I think we compliment each other well in a business sense.
Jokerette: oh now you have me curious!
Jokerette: I bet you do :D
DanGheesling: I used to watch Survivor, I believe the last season I watched was All Stars.
Jokerette: me too actually lol
Jokerette: could you ever see yourself doing Survivor?
DanGheesling: There were some great seasons, and I am actually working with a previous Survivor on some speaking engagements.
Jokerette: oh that's killer! Can we know who?
DanGheesling: Initially I thought I would take a shot at Survivor, but then I saw Big Brother and thought I might have a better chance of at least sticking around a little longer then on an island.
cricket: Pyke asks: Dan, what was the one move you made that you think was risky that could have caused you to get voted out.
Jokerette: you sure DID lol
DanGheesling: I always thought that one of my best moves was voting to keep Brian in. It went a long way in terms of convincing the other houseguests that I could be trusted until the end. It was risky at the time because it made me stick out like a sore thumb. Outside of that I would also say Replacement Nominee Roulette. ;)
cricket: A risk worth taking, in the end
DanGheesling: I actually did not come up with that plan until about 4 AM the night before. I wanted to stir some things up and make the "battle lines" if you will more defined. Crazy what you can think of staying awake at night in the Big Brother house.
cricket: What was your reasoning behind the Nominee Roulette?
DanGheesling: I had to line everything up with everyone in a matter of about two hours in the morning because we did not have the much time before the Veto ceremony.
cricket: RennysWig asks: The duck you gave Keesha had a cryptic message. What was the message and was it a special code?
DanGheesling: So I think I caught some people off guard when I had to ask them to say the other peoples names, but the element of suprise sometimes is effective.
cricket: yes it sure worked!
DanGheesling: Hahahaha. The duck! It was really for one main reason, to remind Keesha of me while she was in the jury house. I figured if she would see that duck everyday, it may remind her to keep fighting for votes for me.
DanGheesling: It was a long shot at best, but I did not think it was cause as much buzz as it did.
DanGheesling: It's actually pretty funny. ;)
HappyPeanut: Lots of fans decided you and Keesha had a low key shomance going on, any truth to that or was it just us fans going crazy?
DanGheesling: Plus, who manufactures rubber ducks with the word "hot" underneath?
cricket: LOL
DanGheesling: Keesha is a great girl, we had a lot of fun in the house, but we are only friends.
Jokerette: good to know ;)
Jokerette: she is certainly beautiful in person!
DanGheesling: Sorry to disappoint the fans. ;)
cricket: Starr asks: what if anything would you change about the house rules or BB in general?
DanGheesling: Great question! Yes, I would allow singing.
DanGheesling: Just kidding, I think the rules have been refined over the years and they are pretty well set.
cricket: That must be an easy rule to slip up on :/
DanGheesling: I was glad to see this season that there was no real "twist" because the game is great without one.
cricket: I agree!
cricket: Pure is best
cricket: Gingerbread asks: Is the Uniroyal tire still on I-94?
DanGheesling: No! Sounds like a Michigander. Unfortunately it is not.
cricket: heckyeahfool asks: Are you going commando (gingerbread and bblatin want to know)
DanGheesling: Hahaha, no comment, I need a pillow to raise over my face.
cricket: LOLOL
cricket: ok, a serious one..
cricket: BBBabyGirl asks: How does it feel to be back teaching again?
DanGheesling: Working with the students, whether teaching or coaching is my passion. With all the craziness in my life, teaching allowed me to get back to normal. I'm grateful to have had my job waiting for me, and I still enjoy being around the students everyday. If you thought I pulled some antics, you should see my students.
cricket: caitlin asks: Now that you've been out of the house for a couple months, are you back to just being Mr. Gheesling to the kids at school, or do they still talk about Big Brother all the time?
DanGheesling: Caitlin, there is a rule in my classroom. No questions about Big Brother. ;) They can manage to turn a lecture about cells into how did I like being America's player.
cricket: haha, I bet they can
cricket: what about recess? ok to discuss then?
DanGheesling: Before Christmas break we had a half day where I let them ask questions, but they always pop up. They were talking today about who I liked in the house, it never ends, but they get a kick out of it.
cricket: Having a celebrity for a
cricket: i'm sure
cricket: crateriko asks: Have you watched any of the shows -- and if so -- was there something that you saw that you never knew happened while in the house?
DanGheesling: The students can catch me off guard once in a while and I will answer some questions, I'm not THAT mean of a teacher.
cricket: lol
DanGheesling: Yes, I have seen some of the episodes. It was very strange to watch, to see things edited, with music, and the DRs. I lived it first hand and to see it produced was a unique experience.
cricket: Did you feel you were portrayed fairly?
DanGheesling: Yes, I have no complaints about the editing. ;)
cricket: that's great!
HappyPeanut: Ron11 asks: Were you surprised when the jury vote was 7-0?
DanGheesling: Although they did cut some of my best stuff! I worked the Platinum Power of Veto into my final speech, and I had some more elaborate DRs about the Judas comment. :)
DanGheesling: I actually pulled out the fake veto I made and discussed it with the jury, it was hilarious.
DanGheesling: Yes, I thought I would be VERY lucky to get four votes. I thought it could go 4-3 either way. So, 7-0 was shocking.
cricket: aprilsdignity asks: Admit it - you're dying to try on the red unitard
DanGheesling: Thank God I did not have to wear that thing! I'm not sure I would have been welcomed back on the football field. ;)
cricket: ROFL
cricket: probably not!
cricket: LunaC asks: What exactly happened with the Aliminum Veto, we heard something happened at the roundtable (I think?) but not what.
DanGheesling: I spent a few hours one night making a fake veto. It actually looked decent. I worked it into my final speech to the jury, and showed it to them. I think they started laughing and Libra thought I was crazy. When Libra put her key in to vote for the winner, she said something about going crazy, I knew she was talking about that veto.
cricket: ah
HappyPeanut: Lots of fans are wanting to know if you've kept up with Jerry and how he is? Also, do you think he got a favorable edit on the tv show compared to what we saw on live feeds
DanGheesling: Yes, I actually do talk to Jerry somewhat frequently. We talk, I like to check in on him, because outside of all of the fighting in house, he is a good guy, and is like a Grandfather. I was always taught to respect my elders, and it is no different with Jerry.
HappyPeanut: so he's not quite as Grandpaw Gone Bad as he came across sometimes? lol
DanGheesling: Jerry is a tough guy, and he played the game like that. I took nothing personal in the house because I knew it was just a game, some people just got more emotionally involved then others.
cricket: wolverines asks: Dan, when Memphis decided to take out Keesha instead of Jerry did he unknowingly do your dirty work or did you honestly want Jerry out at that point? It was hard to tell from a viewers standpoint (at least mine) which one you personally wanted out more at that point for your game.
DanGheesling: Well initially it was a Renegade Board Meeting decision. We thought we had a better shot of beating Jerry.
cricket: Pyke asks: Dan, were you aware of how much jerry would lie about you and otehrs would believe him, but anytime he said anything about anyone else, noone believed him?
HappyPeanut: DannyBoy asks: If you had not been America's Player, who would you have voted out Jessie or Memphis?
DanGheesling: Once I saw how mad Keesha got, that was the first time I thought I remotely had a shot to win, and by remotley I mean a 10% chance.
DanGheesling: Then I worked that angle, which was a little difficult because Keesha was a good friend, but it was a game.
HappyPeanut: From Starr: what moment in the house still makes you LOL
DanGheesling: Pyke, yes I knew Jerry spread a lot of lies about me. I looked at it like this, every lie he told about me was a fire, and he could have five or six fires going on at once. Now I could spend all my time extinguishing those fires, but it was not worth it, I was planning two steps ahead as opposed to looking behind at the fires.
DanGheesling: My alliance trusted me more then Jerry, so I was not concerned with it. A lie only becomes the truth if you believe it.
DanGheesling: DannyBoy, I would have still voted out Jesse. I was hoping America came through and they did. I had locked up an alliance with Memphis, and I did not want to be paired with April and Ollie for showmance reasons.
cricket: brooklynn555 asks: Did you & Memphis ever consider keeping Keesha over Jerry, or did you both think she might have changed the outcome of you being the final two?
DanGheesling: Brooklynn555, I don't think anyone knows this but I tried to change gears at the end, when I got back from the trip I tried to convince Memphis to keep Keesha.
DanGheesling: I told him that Jerry was in a POW camp and was faking his injury. Sandbagging for the final competitions.
DanGheesling: That obviously did not go over, good thing for me. :)
cricket: oh really?
cricket: lol true
cricket: RennysWig asks: Renny was a big hit with viewers because of her hilarious sense of humor. What is your favorite memory of Renny and her antics?
DanGheesling: Starr, thinking about hanging out with Memphis and Keesha after Jerry fell in the pool was hilarious. The conversation we had after he fell in I just remember laughing very hard, I would like to see that, but I don't think it aired on CBS.
cricket: well we sure watched the youtube of him falling in over and over ;)
DanGheesling: Renny was hilarious, but I did not think that the first week. My favorite Renny moment was me bugging her to cut my hair, I wanted to get it cut upstairs in the HoH salon style, but she wouldn't budge, she had me in the bathroom barbershop style.
DanGheesling: Her comments back to me was the funny part.
DanGheesling: I think they cut that.
HappyPeanut: Sometimes first impressions can be damning. Was there a houseguest who made a terrible first impression on you who turned out to be the opposite of what you expected?
DanGheesling: Yes, Memphis.
DanGheesling: I initially thought we had NOTHING in common.
cricket: no kidding?
DanGheesling: After the first eviction, we really started to hang out, spazz out in the pool playing raquetball, and then I found out we had a lot in common.
HappyPeanut: GazingEyes asks: Dan, were you worried at all when Ollie got very upset after the roulette veto meeting, and was breaking things and wandering around yelling?
DanGheesling: I liked his demeanor as well, you rarely saw Memphis blow up, which was important for me to find in an ally.
DanGheesling: No, Ollie is a cool cat. I think he just got ticked off because he saw that the odds were against him. I was just suprised he was very calm up until that point, but he's a competitor.
DanGheesling: In life, not so much in the actual house. ;)
cricket: sheleymcd asks: Dan can we still get an autograph, if so, how do we get one?
DanGheesling: Hahahah, funny story about that, the PO Box got flooded, and it was very...overwhelming. So they are on hold for right now, sorry about that.
cricket: got flooded?
cricket: we're up for a funny story ;)
DanGheesling: I will open them back up soon, I will post information on my new website
cricket: ok, great!
cricket: panda asks: Dan out of all the quotes you made up on BB what is your favorite one?
DanGheesling: Flooded as in, the requests were out of control.
DanGheesling: Panda, I don't know, you tell me? :)
cricket: lol modest, huh?
DanGheesling: Round up a few quotes I had and I'll pick one, hahaha.
cricket: PharmD asks: How as your BB experience--and moreover your winning--affected your relationships with nd close friends?
DanGheesling: Never thought anyone would want to quote me in the house, actually.
DanGheesling: Nothing has changed with my family, I did not expect it to.
DanGheesling: My close friends did not really flinch either, they thought it was cool, but they know I am still the same person.
cricket: They're all proud of you, I'm sure
HappyPeanut: Dan was there any feedback when you got back to school about Jerry's Judas comments?
DanGheesling: My aquaintances changed however, people I have not heard from in 5-6 years all of a sudden blew up my cell
DanGheesling: Hmm, not so much about the Judas thing. The students were just fired up to have me back and mostly asked about the girls in the house, go figure, what else would a bunch of teenage high school students want to talk about?
HappyPeanut: lol
cricket: jteaz asks: Dan, did you bring home any souvenirs from the house (outside of the prize money)?
DanGheesling: Next time, we'll have to do some sort of audio chat, I haven't typed this much since that old school classroom typing game Word Munchers.
HappyPeanut: ha I remember that game, and number munchers
cjj3: word munchers, lol
DanGheesling: I wish I would have snagged the chessboard. I tried to keep my bashed up remote control car that I launched across the kitchen counter but Big Brother swiped that from me.
DanGheesling: I also wanted Debbie for the classroom but figured she would not survive the flight.
cricket: Dan, we want to thank you for chatting with us tonight. Jokerette sends her apologies - her internet poofed out, as I'm sure you noticed. We're going to open up the room now and let your fans say hello.
DanGheesling: If I could go back and take one other thing, it might be my prison calendar that I kept on the wall of my Doom Room bed.