Episode 10 – Andrew goes crazy, and HOH on the line
Tonight’s epi started out with a re-hash of the Veto meeting and the ending of last night’s show. First we see Brendon and Rachel in the sunset room where Brendon finally lets Rachel in on the plan that he and Andrew hatched the night before.......of course Rachel didn’t take too kindly to it to begin with.

Next up we see Matt, Lane, and Ragan in the HOH room discussing Andrew’s speech when in walks Brit with the same reaction as the other three..........

Later, Matt takes Andrew up to the HOH to discuss Andrew’s speech. Matt gives Andrew the advice that he should talk with everyone and be social since after his POV speech, a lot of people are doubting his sincerity.

Next we see Brendon and Rachel out in the backyard talking about the “plan” and how Rachel feels left out........Brendon tells her that he knows, he’s sorry and then tells her that he loves her.........to find her pulling back and telling him that it really ticks her off when people jerk her around.

It seems that Kathy is now making her campaigning rounds as she tells Ragan the reason why she really wants to win the money. Next up on her campaign trail is Kristen.

Andrew’s emotions and lack of support are definitely weighing on him this week as we see him getting quite emotional in the have not room.

We see Kathy and Kristen in the bathroom when in walks Andrew and says “don’t play me like a fiddle, I know what you are both doing” so of course that sets Kristen off and the two of them head into the sunset room where Andrew and Kristen’s discussion comes to a head and the yelling begins. After they have it out for a bit, in walks Rachel.........Andrew storms out.

Up in the HOH, Matt, Enzo and Hayden are discussing the argument downstairs and if they should keep/let Andrew go.

Next up, Julie talks to the houseguests and informs them that they won’t be on slop through the next week. At this time, there is a clip regarding Matt’s wife and her “disease”. Then we also see a clip of the HG’s talking in the HOH........in the room were Enzo, Kathy and Matt....they were discussing how sick it would be for someone to use someone’s death or sickness to further their position in the game.......of course Matt looks like he swallowed the canary.

Eviction Time..........

Julie asks Kathy and Andrew to make their final speeches before the voting begins......Kathy steps up and her speech is very basic “heartfelt” and normal..........then all hell breaks loose as Andrew prepares to give his.......he out’s Kristin and Hayden’s showmance, out’s Britney saying that she thinks she can control Ragan, out’s Hayden towards Lane and lets him know that he can only go to the 4th or 5th, both Kristen and Hayden don’t think that Enzo is intelligent. Andrew also called out Kristen for not going to her after his speech and he complimented Lane for going to him......telling him that he is a man and he loves Lane for that.........Andrew called out Kristen and labelled her as the tin man who doesn’t care about anyone else but herself and she will hurt anyone. Hayden get out of it right now. WOW, has this guy kept a written record of everyone’s sins in the house or what. Andrew’s speech was to no avail.........8 – 0 in favour of evicting Andrew.

Up next.........HOH

The HOH competition “Big Brother Knockout” begins and the objective of the game is to be the first one to buzz in with the correct answer wins and therefore chooses the next two HG’s to go head to head next. The last person standing is the new HOH. First up, Hayden and Brit.....Hayden wins, next is Brendon and Rachel, with Rachel winning.....her next 2 choices are Kristen and Hayden, Kristen wins and she chooses Kathy and Rachel, Rachel wins and she chooses Kristen and Enzo, Kristen once again wins and it is Rachel and Ragen. Kristen and Lane are next.........last competitors are Lane and Rachel. Rachel wins the HOH and has become the first person this season to win the HOH more than once.

So, until Sunday night, have a good weekend all, and if you are in British Columbia.......have a good long weekend BC day on Monday!!