Episode 11 – Nominations and Andrew’s fallout

So, tonight’s epi started with the remaining fireworks that Andrew lit. It showed the highlights of Andrew’s speech and who Andrew called out the last epi on Thursday. Tonight also saw the start of the hg’s fight during the voting and also how it carried into the backyard with the HOH competition. In the DR, Kristen was first and she was baffled and hurt that their showmance is out in the open.....Hayden in the DR said that his “game” is completely changed now......he use to have the brigade in his back pocket, and Kristen wrapped around his little finger so now he is going to have to work extra hard to save his a$$ over the next few weeks.

Next up is the biotch fight with Kristen. Those lit fireworks turned into full blown TNT in the boxing ring in the back yard. Rachel calling out Kristen and Hayden’s relationship as they were making out “last night” in one of the rooms that Rachel was in and she heard them, then Rachel also called out Kristen regarding the possibility of Kristen putting Brenchel up on the block if Kristen won the HOH.

After the HG’s were allowed back inside after the challenge, Kristen and Rachel were still going at it in the kitchen........same ole’ same ole’.

Next we see Brendon and Rachel heading off to the sunset room to celebrate and calm down. Brendon says that he is so proud of Rachel.

Matt, Lane and Enzo are in the Jumanji room talking about the biotch fight and how they need to get Kristen out of the house to allow Hayden to get his mind back in the game and help the brigade win.

Hayden takes Rachel aside and tries to explain away the showmance that he has going with Kristen......of course Rachel see’s through it all. As Rachel later says in the DR, Hayden was just trying to say what he needed to save his butt, and Rachel isn’t falling for it.

Next, Rachel attempts to apologize to Kristen for their fight......Kristen immediately goes on the defense and says that the apology isn’t accepted, the words said weren’t in the heat of the moment and she will never forgive Rachel for it. In the DR, you have Rachel saying that she gave Kristen an olive branch and Kristen threw it back at her.......then you also have Hayden in the DR talking about it and him saying that he couldn’t believe it, Rachel came in to apologize and Kristen threw it back in her face..........

The brigade finally get a quiet minute to discuss what the hell just happened in the house and they all agreed that preserving the brigade is all that matters and if that means that Kristen has got to go, then she’s got to go. The guys also agreed that both Rachel and Kristen are both CRAZY!!

Next up..........HOH room

As everyone gathers to see the HOH room, the only one not going up was Kristen. Of course it doesn’t make everyone else happy to go up there but Kristen is definitely going to draw attention to herself by not “playing the game”.

Next we see Kathy and Kristen in the cabana room discussing whether Kristen will go up on the block and if she does, she feels that she will definitely be staying in the house and won’t go anywhere.

Next up, Luxury competition........

Everyone breaks up into teams of 3 and they go through the obstacle course in a cardboard police cruiser. The team that completes the course in the quickest time will win the luxury item which is a private screening of the movie The Other Guys. Red team = Matt, Lane, and Brit @ 52 seconds.........yellow team = Kristen, Ragan, Kathy @ 2 min, 18 sec.............green team = Hayden, Enzo and Brendon. As the green team won, they along with Rachel being the HOH will watch the movie.

We se Brit and Rachel having a bubble bath together.........a major sucking up time for Brit and by doing that, they are discussing Kristen, and the cat fight that ensued after Andrew lit the TNT. We also see Kathy going up to the HOH for a chat with Rachel and Brendon considering being put up on the block again.......she hints at the possibility of being a vote in the jury house for Brenchel.

Next up is Kristen and Hayden talking in the pantry about why Kristen won’t go up and talk to Rachel and Brendon. Hayden is trying to convince her that she has to ‘play the game’ to stay longer and the best way to do that is to suck up to the HOH as everyone else has......so we see Kristen going up to the HOH room to talk to Rachel. It was a civil talk about who is going up on the block, not that I think it has changed Rachel’s mind......

Rachel and Brendon are in the HOH talking about who Rachel is going to put up on the block and Brendon calls it.........Kristen used the emotional card and now it has Rachel re-thinking the possibilities of who is going to go onto the block.

Nominations are up next............

As Rachel pulls the first key for Brendon......the following ones are Brit, Ragan, Lane, Enzo, Matt and Kathy. Rachel stands up to make her speech........ “I have nominated you Kristen and you Hayden for eviction. I fight everyday to stay here and frankly,I haven’t seen you two fighting.......furthermore, you’re gunning for me and Brendon, so bring it on.”

Remaining thoughts from the house guests..........

Kristen: “You want me to bring it on Rachel, well I am going to bring it so be careful what you wish for.”

Hayden: “It sucks to be up against Kristen, I don’t want to see her go home, I want to see her stay for a long, long time. But I have to do what’s best for me. I am going to kick, scream, scratch and scrape anything I can do to guarantee I am here for another week.”

Lane: “Hayden better not mess up this good thing we got going for the brigade. Whatever Kristen is to him, his sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, I don’t know, what ever it is get rid of it Hayden.”

Brendon: “Rachel, why can’t you play nice, seriously, I don’t know what it is that you are thinking of now.......people are going to keep gunning for us if you keep up on this power trip.”

Rachel: “I really hope that Kristen goes. I really want my enemy out of this house. I have to win this veto to keep the nominations the same.......there is no other option.”