Episode 12 –

POV, Hayden and Kristen hatching plans

Well, tonight I am starting off apologizing as we have lost our power here and I missed the first 10 min of the show as the power came on right after that.

When I tuned in, names were being picked out of the hat for the POV competition. Rachel drew Brit, Hayden drew Ragan, and Kristen drew Enzo.

Up next...........POV

The POV game was called “Wizards of Pinball”. For each round you get one shot on the giant pinball table, the object of the game is to get your ball into the middle POV slot, the farther you get from the Veto slot, the less your score. The one with the lowest score is eliminated at the end of the round. The person that is eliminated at the end of each round will have the chance to get the POV by choosing the correct hat. Any eliminated players from future rounds can choose to keep their prize or to exchange it from any one of the prizes from the previous finished players. Kristen was first eliminated and picked the POV from the hats. Ragan was the next one to be eliminated and won the veto ticket.....a chance to play in the POV challenge at a later date. Enzo next to be eliminated and drew the 3D flat screen TV. Rachel was the next to be eliminated and drew the second chance---- by her choosing someone, she would take that person’s prize and that person would go back into the game. Rachel chose Ragan. Even after Rachel giving Ragan another chance, he still was eliminated in the next round and chose 5,000.00 prize from the hats. Hayden was the next to be eliminated and picked the hippy leotard...........he traded that for the POV. Since Brit won the competition and drew the solitary confinement cared, she traded with Hayden for the POV.

Since Brit traded the solitary confinement for the POV, Hayden was sent to solitary......in the room was bread and slop, a porta pottie and some blankets.

After Kristen changed into her hippy leotard and everyone had a good laugh, she went to the door to the solitary confinement room, and talked to Hayden through the door. I am sure at this point, Kristen knows that she will be going home, but as she says, at least he will stay.

After the crew lets Hayden out of solitary confinement, it is then time to watch the movie, The Other Guys, from the luxury competition. Hayden, Brendon, Enzo, and Rachel get to watch the movie up in the HOH room.

Next up, we see Hayden trying to convince Brit to use the VETO. Hayden and Brit hatched a plan that if Hayden could convince Rachel to put up Kathy if Brit used the POV, so Brit told Hayden to get that confirmed, then she would use the VETO. In the meantime, Hayden and Kristen went up to Brenchel and said that they should be a foursome....... Hayden said that he could convince Brit to use the VETO, and that would make the spot ready for Kathy to go up. In the DR, Rachel confided that she doesn’t know if they could trust Hayden/Kristen to keep to their word. So after Kris/Hayden’s meeting with Brenchel, Hayden goes to find Brit to tell her that they are going to put Kathy up in his place.

After Brit and Hayden finish their convo, Brit goes up to the HOH to talk with Rachel. Brit tells Rachel that Hayden has asked for Brit to use the VETO, and that he made a deal with Brit for it. Rachel also told Brit that she might put up Lane instead of Kathy if Brit did use the POV.......so now that leaves Brit wondering if using the VETO is the thing to do as she doesn’t want Lane to go up onto the block.

Up next...............Veto Meeting

Both Hayden and Kristen made their speeches and when all was said and done, Brit decided not to use the POV. At that moment, there was a camera on Hayden and one on Rachel......Hayden looked pi$$ed and Rachel had a huuuuge smirk on her face that she had to try to hide. Could it possibly be that Rachel and Brit have a hidden alliance??

Final words from the House Guests..................

Hayden: “What just happened, I got slapped across the face, Brittney was suppose to pull me off the block and use the veto. Now I am sitting here next to Kristen, one of us is going home guaranteed, this sucks man.”

Rachel: “I am so relieved that Britney did not use the POV, yea, we lost out on some super alliance, but, I didn’t trust Hayden and Kristen anyways, so no big loss.”

Britney: “Ultimately I couldn’t use the POV because I couldn’t risk that Rachel would put Lane up instead of Kathy. I don’t want to loose any of the allies that already have. It just worked out best for my game.”

Kristen: “I have taken it upon myself to go against the person that I care most about in this game. I would love nothing more than to stay here in this house and completely outrage Rachel and send her home packing.”

Great one liner of tonight:

“No one is talking and you can cut the tension with a machete.”