Episode 13 –

Another house guest is evicted and HOH is on the line

So tonight’s epi started with a recap of the last week’s events, including the HOH competition, the nominations and the POV. As we saw last night, Brit didn’t use the POV, which leaves the nominations the same............onward to tonight.............

So, after the POV ceremony, Kristen and Kathy head off to the sunset room to talk. That is where the two of them discuss how controlled Brit is right now.

Brenchel are in the BY talking about the fact that they are breaking up another alliance with this eviction.......Hayden comes out side to talk to them. Hayden explains that there is no animosity over the evictions, but requests Brendon’s support and his vote to keep Hayden in the house.

Also in the BY is Enzo by the pool; Brit comes up to talk to him and confides that Brit was going to use the POV to pull off Hayden from the block, but also confides that Rachel said that she would put Lane up in his stead.

Meanwhile, back in the sunset room, Kathy was in there still talking to Kristen when in walked Hayden followed by Brit. Brit explained that she was going to use the POV, when she talked to Rachel about it, Rachel told her that she would put up Lane if the POV was used. Both Kristen and Hayden said that they understood and it was fine. Brit leaves the room with Hayden and Kristen now alone. Both Hayden and Kristen talk of their showmance and the idea that neither of them are going to quit fighting.........also the discussion that it could be another month before they see each other.

Up in the HOH room, we see Matt, Ragan, and Brit up there discussing game when Brit gets the “genius” idea to put on Rachel’s extensions and make fun of her. Was kind of funny to see, and Brit seemed to think that Rachel was dunse about the idea that Brit was making fun of her......yet, according to Rachel in the DR, Rachel said the highest form of flattery is imitation......somehow I think that thought or concept would be lost on Brit.....but Brit, note to self.........not a good idea to get onto the bad side of someone that has a tendency to win HOH competitions........will probably come back to bite you in the a$$??

Kristen is still hustling for votes so she takes Ragan aside in the sunset room. Kristen also tells her thoughts on the alliance between Hayden, Lane and Enzo. Ragan admits that his “shelf life in the house may be limited” if those guys have an alliance. Now Kristen is talking to Brit about the same thing. Kristen is really making the rounds as she is now up in the HOH talking to Brendon about the possibility of him casting his vote in favour of keeping Kristen in the house.

Julie is back on now asking the HG’s questions........first she talked to Kristen and commented her on the hippy leotard, then Hayden asking about being in solitary confinement, then Julie showed the clip for the Luxury competition that happened earlier in the week. After Julie asked Brit who is the hardest in the house to live with, Brit said that Ragan has a tendency to fart a lot.........then Ragan made a comment about the farts coming from Brit’s legs, therefore Julie decided to shut down the convo real quick.

Julie then shows the clips regarding Hayden’s family, and Kristen’s friends, and Kristen’s boyfriend. I guess that is naturally over with considering the boyfriend/ex boyfriend’s reaction.

Up next...........live eviction and voting

Hayden: “From my position on the block, the last think I would ever do is to throw someone under the bus, I have way more class than that. Unfortunately for Kristen and I some people don’t have any class at all. I want to say thank you to everybody here, these last few weeks have been absolutely amazing. Tonight as you cast your vote, all I ask is that you keep the person that you truely think will benefit your game the most. Last but not least, I want to say hay to my friends and my family back home......I miss you, I love you, godbless.”

Kristen: “Well, Andrew called me the tin man and said that I have no heart, and I have done nothing but play with my heart since I’ve been here. I’ve been loyal, honest and strong willed throughout the whole entire time and even though there might be a chance that I may not be able to prove myself and stay as long as I would like, I know that there are some people that are cowards and some people don’t play the same way that I do, and I just want people to know that I have tried my very best and that I think I am a stand up person.”

When the votes came in, it was 6-1 and Kristen left the house.

Up next............HOH

The object of the game is that the last one remaining on the rim of the paint can is the new HOH. The first one off of the paint can will be the one and only have not for the week. Sunday night will be the continuation of the HOH challenge.

So, until Sunday night............have a good week all.