Episode 14 –

HOH Paint Can Challenge and Two More Nominations Made

Have to apologize, blog is late but hopefully late is better than not at all.

Tonight’s epi started off with a re-hash of Thursday’s epi, and the fallout from Kristen going home. As the epi begins, they are all still on the paint can......the first one off is the ONLY have not for the week.

Kathy starts joking around, saying that she will take the have not for everyone and as that will be the only one on it, the other ones can start jumping off like fleas......LOL. Kathy off @ 12:56, remarking that the HG’s think that she is weak......Kathy says that it is easier for her to maintain that thought than to try to stand out in the challenges. Enzo drops @ 22:16, Brendon off @ 36:06, Lane @ 46:11, Brit @ 46:20, Hayden @ 46:29, Ragan @ 1:10:26, which leaves Matt as the next HOH.

So after the HOH ended, Matt, Enzo and Hayden end up in the pantry talking and congratulating each other as the Brigade is back in power. They discuss that it will be Brendon and Rachel on the block this week.

Meanwhile, in the sunset room, Rachel is going through her clothes and putting them away after vacating the HOH room. In walks Brendon.......Brendon apologizes that he didn’t stay on there as long as he should of.....Rachel tries to tell him that he did good, but as Rachel confides, the target will be more on her back as she is the one getting the HOH’s.

Up next..........HOH room

As everyone enters the room, lots of fake excitement over the room and as Brit remarks.....it is such a fake ritual that they are just tired of it already. As the guests file out one at a time, the game of “trap” has begun. The last person in the room with Brendon and Rachel are “trapped”...........as Brit says, the last thing you want to be is trapped in a room with just Brendon and Rachel.

Matt comes back into his HOH room and finds the question mark on the door and some cards with the numbers 1 and 2 on them. As he opens the first one, he reads out what is inside; “Before you enter Pandora’s Box, opening the pandora’s box could release something good or something bad, upon the opener or upon the rest of the house. As HOH this week, here is the decision before you.......You now have the chance to alter this game, behold the diamond POV. If you want to claim this power, you must now decide if you want to open Pandora’s box, remember that with every temptation there is a consequence.” As Matt enters the room, he finds another card waiting.......... “congratulations, you now posess the diamond power of Veto.........This veto not only gives you the chance to save yourself or someone else on the block, but it also gives you the power to name their replacement. This veto can only be used once at only one of the next 2 evictions......Keep this power a secret or you risk loosing it. Use your power wisely as you may soon learn what you have unleashed upon the house.”
So Matt hides the DPOV in his suitcase next to the old $1 card that he won from the first HOH competition and then hatches a plan to lie to the HG’s of what happened.

After the lie that he hatched, he went outside to tell everyone that he won the dollar card in the pandora’s box. Brendon, Lane and Enzo all caught on about the lie and said so in the DR. After the disclosure of Matt’s lie outside, Hayden, Kathy and Ragan are in the cabanna room talking and Ragan mentions that if there was something good in Pandora’s box, then something bad will happen to the rest of the house....ie bringing someone back into the game.

Ragan was then called into the DR. Upon entering, he finds a card with his name on it. When he reads out the card inside telling him that it is “America’s choice” for him to be the next saboteur, he says that he is shocked that he was chosen.......at the end, he decides to take America up on it and will be the saboteur the next 2 weeks while he completes 3 sabotage actions each week.

Matt and Ragan are in the Cabana room talking when Rachel walks in......Ragan asks whether he should stay or leave. Rachel says she doesn’t care and remarks that she knows they are a “team”, this of course gets Ragan upset and he defends himself declaring that he has no alliance with anyone as he hasn’t been approached and he hasn’t approached anyone else about an alliance. This of course starts another fight............Brendon steps in to try to diffuse the situation. Brendon and Ragan leave and Matt is left with Rachel to have the talk that she wanted in the first place. Rachel then goes out to the kitchen to retrieve Brendon once again and brings him back into the cabanna room to talk with Matt. Try as they might, they couldn’t get Matt to enter into a deal to keep them off the block.

Heeeee’s Baaaaaaaack..........the saboteur

“Hello House Guests.......guess who’s back. I want to thank Matt for opening Pandora’s box and releasing a new saboteur into the house. My mission is to destroy all of you and to cruise to the half million dollars. Watch your back before I stab you in it.” So the HG’s are discussing it and Enzo says that someone got an offer to be the saboteur and accepted it..... Matt discloses in the DR that Pandora’s box is a curse, everything is a mess, curiosity killed the Matt!!

Up next.........nominations.

Thoughts from the HG’s before nominations begins:

Rachel: “Let’s be honest here, who is Matt going to nominate.......Rachel and Brendon. Why, because it is the easy thing to do.........Matt is too much of a pansie to piss off anyone else in the house. This is, you know, getting old”

Brendon: “I definitely don’t feel good about today’s nominations. At this point, I am starting to feel hypothetic, Rachel and I are going to be the target.......and Matt is a liar, he’s a rat he’s a weasel.”

Enzo: “Mattie better stick to the plan this time, we know who he is suppose to put up. We’ll see if the gremlin does what he is suppose to do.”

Matt: “This is a more important nomination for me than the last time I was HOH only in the respect that it’s a much bigger power move. We’re at a whole new level of game right now. I am the kind of guy that has to do the dirty work, it’s time to take out the trash.”

The nomination ceremony begins: Kathy, Ragan, Brit, Lane, Enzo and Hayden.

The nomination speech is blah, blah, blah......talking about facts and figures.......facts are you guys are a dominating pair in the game and have won the HOH or POV consistently, and um, I am sure one of you will win the POV as it is what you do........nomination ceremony is adjourned.

Last remaining words from the houseguests:
Brendon: “It is very tough to imagine life in this house without Rachel.....we are so very close and there is nobody else in this house I can trust like her.”

Rachel: “I have fought for 35 days in a row. I feel just like a lost puppy. I fought so hard that I have to get another injection of botox because I have so many wrinkles right now.”

Enzo: “Finally Mattie can be called the brains again. He did what he was suppose to and he put up the two people that are suppose to be up there right now. Who knows what’s going to happen with this new saboteur, you know, it just got crazy again.”

So, that’s all for now..............will be back Wednesday!! Have a good week everyone.