EPISODE 2 – Have and have not's, Nominations
July 11, 2010,

Tonight’s epi began with them all in the living area, talking about the saboteur, and them all placing each other in the house as to whom it may be........Andrew laying on the floor behind the couch, Brendon off in one of the bedrooms looking for his toothpaste......really, are you serious, he was looking for his toothpaste?? Not really a great excuse as a lot of the HG’s were saying. Next you see Enzo and Andrew talking...they ask each other whom it may be and then Andrew points to Brendan’s bed and says “him”. This will definitely be an ongoing crap shoot, with all the HG’s trying to figure out whom the saboteur is.....

Next you see Hayden showing off his HOH room and talking about what he does around home and how he grew up in the country and rodeo’ing. There were lots of pics in the room of his family and early life. After everyone has had their fill of the HOH room, you see Brendan, Annie and Rachel out on the hammock talking. Rachel and Brendan were talking about their education, with both of them having scientific backgrounds. Annie chimes in with her saying that she felt she was there watching her parents having sex, not something that she wanted to be a part of ........okay.........then comes out with one of the better lines of the night.........Annie says “I was literally the cream to the scientific cookie”.......ha.

So, again a crew of them are in the HOH room talking about the saboteur, and it is decided that the only ones un-accounted for during the blackout were Brendan...going after his toothbrush and paste..........Andrew...laying down behind the couch close to the pantry door.......... and Annie as there is question as to where she was in the room during the blackout.

Annie takes Ragan aside and confides in him that she has a girlfriend outside of the house.

It seems like Brendon and Rachel are getting really close and spending a lot of time together......Hayden comments that it seems like Brendon and Rachel are getting a “showmance” together............so now that all begins........LOL. The next thing that you see is Hayden and Enzo talking outside about getting together. Up in the HOH, the four of them(Hayden, Enzo, Matt, and Lane) get together and form the “Brigade”........Matt= the brains, Lane = the beast, Hayden = the animal, Enzo = Meow Meow.........Good lordy, here we go with nicknames and clicks............seriously, can we find better nicknames / group name for these wannabee’s. LOL.

The have not challenge – One sticky situation after another

Pink team: Lane, Monet, Britney, and Enzo
Green team: Brendon, Annie, Kristen, and Andrew
Blue team: Kathy, Rachel, Matt, and Ragan

The object is to enter the pit of caramel, crawl under the straw, out the other side and climb through the bin of popcorn.....find the missing BB teeth, then crawl back through the caramel and out at the finish line......Sounds like fun......right?? The first debacle of the game was Brendon loosing his shorts......Matt gets the first tooth, then Kathy enters the pit...........not good!! Kathy is now in the popcorn box and is taking foreeeveeer to get through and find a tooth. Brittenay enters the caramel pit and Monet calls it like she is a drowning swamp monster.......LOL. The second time through the caramel pit, Kathy got stuck and somehow couldn’t pull herself through the pit. Seriously a sherrif on the beat that chases criminals for a living couldn’t get herself through the caramel pit...........are you kidding me??

The green and pink teams are the have’s for the week and the blue team is the have not so therefore, the blue team will be eating slop, taking freezing cold showers and living in the have not bedroom.......the worse one in BB history. There are chaise lounge chairs for sleeping on with jars of bugs surrounding them.

Next we see Annie, Britney, Kathy, and Ragan in a room talking about the challenge and eating slop. Kathy calls Britney on how Enzo found a tooth for Britney and leaves it by the caramel pit, hense, Britney didn’t have to dig through the popcorn and find her own tooth. Britney comes back saying that she thought when she was digging through the popcorn, it gave her a second to catch her breath.......both Annie and Kathy chimed in saying that it was during the digging, and digging that they both became worn out, then had to face the caramel pit going back........come on.......give me a break. Wouldn’t fighting the caramel be the worse part?? As Kathy said, Enzo finding and hiding that other tooth was great strategy as Britney barely made it through the first time so having that tooth found and waiting for her saved lots of time.

The next morning they all get up and Andrew is the first one to realize that the saboteur struck again by placing tape over the pics of Kathy and Britney in an X.......Andrew went upstairs to find Hayden and show him, claiming that the saboteur is the one that put the tape across the pics, and stated that the saboteur was trying to point out whom Hayden should nominate............

Next up the saboteur shows up on the screen in the living area with a warning and some advice.......The warning: Sometimes the smallest competitor can be the fiercest competition..................advice: observe, listen and watch your back...........

After what the saboteur said, and the tape over her face, Britney decided to talk to Hayden.......and tell Hayden that if she was in his position, she would put up Brendon and Kathy.....

Nomination Ceremony

As the first nomination ceremony began, Hayden said that due to Andrew volunteering to be the mascot, he is safe, then reached for the first key and called out Annie’s name. As the progression went forward, the next safe people are: Ragan, Enzo, Kristen, Britney, Matt, Monet, Kathy and Lane........leaving Brendon whom as Hayden said couldn’t be accounted for when the blackout happened, and Rachel who hadn’t made an effort to connect with Hayden and that is why she was nominated.

Well, that is another show wrapped up and I will be back on Wednesday for the POV, and Thursday for the live eviction of one of the house guests.

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Have a good week and will be here again on Wednesday.