POV and another Brigade member finds himself on the chopping block

Hi All, sorry I missed a couple of weeks and the blogs. Took some holiday time so will attempt to get caught up with the episode chart and the HOH’s, POV’s, Have not/Luxury Challenges and the evictions............

So to recap what happened last epi, Brendon was the HOH, he nominated Ragan and Lane. During the POV, Ragan won it and thus took himself off of the block leaving it up to Brendon to nominate Matt in his stead. Come Thursday / elimination day, Matt took himself off of the block with his diamond Veto and put up Kathy in his stead. Kathy was voted out leaving Britney as the last remaining girl in the house. She in turn won the next HOH position and on Sunday, she nominated Brendon and Enzo.

Tonight’s epi begins where Sunday’s left off.........Brendon and Enzo are up on the chopping block. After the nomination ceremony, Brendon went to hide out in the have not room. Enzo soon joined him and they were both letting off steam as to how upset they were that they were both on the block. Enzo goes up to the HOH room to talk to Brit. Brit enforces that he is only on the block as the pawn for this week. Enzo thinks her empty promises are like “mud”. Next we see Hayden and Lane out in the backyard talking about Matt and of how he is taking over the house. Hayden voices his opinion that if they don’t backdoor Matt this week, he will be one of the final 2 as he will overrun the house. Lane then heads up to the HOH to talk to Brit to see if he can talk some sense into her. During their talk, Lane tells Brit the match up’s in the house.........Hayden and Enzo, Brit and Lane, Matt and Ragan..........That is how it will be nominated so she needs to make a power move and backdoor Matt this week. At the end of their talk, Brit says that everyone in the house knows how badly she wants Brendon out of the house.......Lane assures her that others feel the same way, but this might be the only sure time to get Matt out before he has a chance to run the house completely.

Up next, POV

The house guests were asked as to what they would do to gain points, versus the amount of points that they would give up to get privileges.....ie, X amount of points gained for taking a chum bath, X amounts of points given up for a Hawaiian vacation.
Punishments: Brendon = chum bath, Brendon handcuffed to Brit for 24 hrs., 3 wks as a have not, shaved head for points,
Enzo= penguin suit for a week for pts., donated clothes for points,
Awards: Lane=phonecall to home,
Hayden=Hawaiian vacation, $5,000.00,

Brendon won the POV..................

After the POV was over, Brit heads upstairs to the HOH room, totally pissed off and crying. Ragan was the first one to chase her up the stairs hotly pursued by Matt. Meanwhile in the havenot room, Brendon, Lane, Hayden and Enzo are in there conferring as to what to do now that Brendon will come off the block. How do they as a group convince Brit to put up Matt onto the chopping block. Lane heads upstairs to talk to Brit and to talk some sense into her with regards of putting Matt up onto the block and that he won the prizes(meanwhile it was Hayden that won the 5 grand and the Hawaiian trip, un-benounced to Lane). Lane eventually gets Brit to calm down and finish with her temper tantrum.

Pandora’s Box is up next.

Brit enters the HOH room to find Pandora’s Box questions waiting for her. She decides to open the box and finds Jeff from a previous season.........meanwhile, because she opened the box, downstairs for the rest of the house guests, there is a Hawaiian feast waiting in the backyard for all the rest of the houseguests as Brit watches them on the tv as she enjoys her workout that Jesse is giving her.

24 hrs of handcuffs up next

Brendon and Brit are called to the DR to be outfitted with their handcuffs for the next 24 hrs. While they were handcuffed to each other, Brendon also had to endure the chum baths.

Matt heads upstairs to campaign for Ragan to go onto the block versus anyone else.........Brit says that it isn’t fair for him to go up as he didn’t get a chance to play for Veto. Matt decides that he needs to talk to Lane and ask him to try to talk Brit into putting up Ragan for him...........Like that is going to work. Lane is the one trying so hard to convince Brit to put up Matt. One by one, the remaining Brigade gents head up to Brit and the HOH room to try to convince her to put up Matt versus Ragan. Matt is definitely throwing Ragan under the bus to be able to stay..........

Up next.........Veto Meeting

The veto meeting is called to order and officially Brendon took himself off the block. In his stead, Brit nominated Matt.

Final words from the House Guests.

Brit: “I nominated Matt today simply because I don’t trust him at all. Anyone who’d turn on his best friend is just not good news to me. I think I can get further without him. I think that it was a big bold move in this game but a good move on my part.”

Matt: “ So the Brigade did a grand last ditch effort to save me and to get Ragan onto the block. It did not work. I am up against Enzo. The odds are stacked heavily against me, it’s time for an underdog story, and we will see what happens.”

Enzo: “Brit goes with the plan that me, Haden, Lane wanted. Matt you are about to hand in your brigade card, and you are out of here, that’s it, move on.”

Ragan: “Matt is up on the block, and quite frankly, 2 hours ago, I would have been devastated, but now things have changed. Matt, I would of fallen on my sword for you but you ended up stabbing me in the back.”

Well, that’s it for now. I will be back tomorrow night to blog the double eviction. Have a good day all!!