Double Elimination Night, Aug. 26 Episode

Well, tonight’s epi started off where last night’s ended. Matt can hardly believe that the two Brigade members are on the block........his plan of throwing Ragan under the bus didn’t work this time.........LOL.

Britney confided in the DR of how she was considering putting Hayden up on the block........UNTIL Matty showed his true colours and threw his best friend in the house under the bus. It showed that there is no real low with him. Brit goes to find Ragan and try to console him as he is definitely out of sorts knowing that Matt tried to throw him under the bus and Brit then told him that if he needs to talk, she is there to listen. Matt then tries to track Ragan down to give him his “explanation” of what happened...........Ragan wasn’t falling for that one......LOL. Matt then confronts Brit as to what is going on with Ragan........according to Matt, Brit fed him a line of BS and the lightbulb finally went on in Matt’s head........Brit told him of Matt’s double cross that he did of Ragan. Matt finally realizes exactly how desperate his longevity is becoming in the house.

After Ragan went outside to talk and confront everyone with his backing / campaigning of Matt to the rest of the house, Enzo let it go of how there was a split between him and Hayden with regards to Kathy. The lightbulb now is shining in Ragan’s head as he realized that there is an alliance between Enzo, Matt, Lane and Hayden. comes Matt again with another thought and diversion tactic............he confronts Lane and Hayden with the fact that Ragan has figured out that there is the brigade alliance. Now, Hayden approaches Matt with the thought that if he were to stay in the house, what would he do with Ragan? Now of course, Matt tells another lie and says that Ragan told Matt that Ragan would target Lane and more lie to add to the list. Pretty soon, Matt will be going in circles not knowing who he told what.........that is if he can talk fast enough that he is able to stay for the next elimination...........I think NOT!!

Up next, first eviction!!

With Matt and Enzo on the block, they both had a chance to say the last words to sway the HG’s..........with a unanimous decision, Matt was evicted.

HOH Competition next

The object of the competition was to go to the end of their lane and find the 2 houseguest’s names that have held the title of HOH twice. The names were disbursed in bins of packing Styrofoam peanuts at the ends of their respective lanes. As they all tore off together to find it, Brendon came up with a name first and then discarded it. Hayden was the first one to clock in 1 name (Matt), then went back to retrieve the 2nd name of Rachel, and thus locking in both names. Hayden became the 2nd HOH of the night. Hayden immediately has to make 2 nominations. Hayden, Lane, Enzo and Brendon head into the cabana room to discuss strategy. Hayden decided that Brendon and Ragan will go up onto the block.

Live Veto Competition up next

Before or After: Julie asked the HG’s various questions..........The HG’s had to decide if a particular event happened before or after another particular event. Ragan won the POV and has chosen to use it for himself. Now Hayden has to re-name someone that will be up for eviction.

Replacement nominee and live eviction

Hayden chose to nominate Britney. After their chance for last words.........Brendon was unanimously evicted.

We are back to the usual schedule for next have a good week everyone and will see you on Sunday night.

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