A Brutal Ending to a POV Challenge, and one More of the Brigade Ends up on The Chopping Block

Tonight’s epi once again began with a catch up from the Sunday’s epi where the new HOH was decided and Lane was the winner. Also on Sunday’s epi, the first punishment from Pandora’s Box was introduced(all utensils, glasses, Mugs gone from kitchen).

As Ragan sulks, he heads into the Sunset room to lay down in bed, when Enzo comes into the room and begins to talk to Ragan. Ragan admits that he is finding out that Enzo is on the bottom rung of the alliance ladder.

Penguin suit is gone................

Oh lordy, they had a penguin de-suiting or a shunning ceremony........come on.........LOL

Ragan has been studying the pics on the walls of the HG’s in case it is a knowledge challenge for the POV.

POV up next...................

Otev the clam will sing a song about two evicted houseguests. After he is finished singing the song, then everyone must check the grounds to find a CD with the title of the song written on it. The first 4,3,2,people back to the clam with the correct title carry on in the challenge. The one that is left out will be eliminated. The contestants eliminated are: Lane, Hayden, Brit............with a brutal ending to the final round, by Enzo and Ragan racing to the correct CD, Enzo won the veto. Once Ragan realized that he lost, he threw the CD at the clam and in turn it bounced off and hit Enzo on the head.........something about a sore looser kind of rings true here.

After the challenge, Ragan heads into the cabana room and sulks and cries alone.

After the Veto is over, Brit and Hayden are in the kitchen talking about who will go up as the pawn. Hayden offered to go up if she wanted.........then in a DR excerpt, he says HELL NO to going up.....the pawns have a tendancy to end up going home. Brit heads upstairs to talk to Lane. Brit reminds him that she does care who goes up as the pawn and that she will take him to the final 2.....not Ragan. Meanwhile, in the Jumanji room, Hayden and Enzo are talking about whether Lane will put Brit up or Hayden as the pawn. They are both strategizing as to if Brit went up as the pawn, then they could vote her out and then get Ragan out another time.......hmmmmmm.


Punishment #1 happened on Sunday when all utensils were taken from the house including all glasses and mugs. Punishment #2 is the sock puppets. For the next 12 hours, sock puppets must be used when they speak. All puppets mimicked their owners to some extent. Punishment #3 is that whenever the music comes on for the next 12 hours, the houseguests have to get up and dance.

Oh lordy...........Brit wheeled in the huge trash can to clean out the kitchen........It was completely full when she was done. WOW, lots of crap was left in that frat house when Brendan and Kathy were evicted. Bet the jury house is spotless with the two of them in there........LOL.

Slow but sure through all the “talks” that Lane and Brit have been having, Brit might be wearing Lane down and making him realize that taking Hayden to the final 2 might not be a good option. Then again, anyone taking Lane to the end might be their way of doing things as people might see Lane as not much of a game player??

Next up.......POV Ceremony

In some DR interviews, both Hayden and Brit are worried about being put up on the block. They say that with only 2 votes that possibly matter, anything can happen. After Enzo taking himself off the block, Lane nominates Hayden in his stead.........I am wondering if this is a sigh that the brigade alliance is fracturing if it hadn’t shown signs of that before.

Final words from the Houseguests.............

Hayden: “Lane puts me on the block as a pawn. I know that Ragan is desperate at this point, so who knows what kind of a deal he could make. I am going to do everything and anything I have to do to make sure I am going to stay in this house.

Brit: “Yes, I did not have to go up on the block. Lane came through for me, I am in the final four. I made it, I am so excited about that right now.”

Ragan: “There may be fractures, divisions, cracks in this boys alliance. And. I am going to do what I can to expose these cracks and to find ways to exploit them.”

Lane: “The brigade has no clue, I want to go to the final 2 with Britney. I am here for ½ a million, not 50 thousand, and my best chance of that is with Britney next to me.”

So that is all for tonight............I will be back tomorrow for the eviction night. Have a good night all!!