Live Eviction and a Look Into the Jury House

As tonight’s epi begins, there is a look back to last night’s one and how those choices might interfere with the “Brigade’s plan”.

So we have Ragan and Hayden up on the block...........As Julie begins the night, she refers to it being day 62 in the house with how the cracks might be showing in the Brigade alliance. Ragan is talking with Hayden and Enzo in the kitchen as to how many times they have all been on the block. Ragan admits in the DR of how he isn’t done with the scheming yet and he is going to approach Brit and Lane as to how he can stay in the house and get Hayden out. Ragan takes Brit aside in the Cabana room to tell her how he feels about things. Next, Ragan takes Lane aside to try to talk “reality” and “game” with him.

Julie shows clips of the punishments, being the dance punishment and of course asks the houseguests who the worst dancer is and Hayden responds that he is the worst saying that no matter how tanned he is, he will always be the whitest guy in the house. Hardy Har Har.........LOL. Julie also brings Enzo into the convo and asks him of the Penguin suit.

Up Next..........The Jury House

We are shown a clip of how Rachel is tanning, working out and being all alone in the Jury house for the week, then Kathy walks in. As Kathy and Rachel are sitting on lounge sofas preening themselves, they are wondering who will be showing up next. In walks Matt. After they get caught up, they watch the CD that Matt brought with him. They then sit down to dinner when in walks................Brendon. The love birds were re-united and it is quite obvious that they definitely missed each other. Matt then admits that it is time to come clean regarding his wife and her “fake disease”. Kathy was the first one to freak out regarding that lie. Considering that she has spent over 10 years living with and being a survivor of Cancer, she regards Matt as despicable and it would be the absolute wrong thing to do even for a million dollars. Couldn’t agree more with you Kathy.......... (I too suffer from a painful, debilitating disease and find it despicable that someone would use that as a game play move. TOTALLY INEXCUSEABLE!!), but anyways.........both Kathy and Rachel were completely understandably outraged at Matt’s game move. Brendon comes up with a line of how he will definitely be burning somewhere..........Kathy comes up with the line: “That’s not a strategy, that’s just cruelness, just cruelness, god have mercy on his soul.” Matt walks into the kitchen where Kathy and Rachel are.......Kathy out and out asks him if he ever lost someone......of course no answer from Matt. Rachel chimes in with the saying “ that just takes lying, backstabbing, and everything to a whole another level.” Brendon chimes in with saying that Matt will have to live with this for the rest of his life. Rachel chimes in with a question asking Matt if he regretted it? Matt answered that he did regret it as it didn’t pan out for him..........come on, this guy needs a reality check! Then he tried to backpedal out of it by saying that he would of donated money to that particular charity.......are you serious?? I think Kathy summed it up quite adequately: “I never thought it would come from you. From you. I mean, there is not enough money in the world that would make me sell my soul to the devil, and that right there is pretty close to it.” VERY WELL SAID KATHY!!!

Back at the house...........

Julie takes Lane aside to talk to him in the HOH room. As Julie approaches the concept of Lane doing an end run around the Brigade and staying on Britney’s side......Lane says that he isn’t there for fifty thousand nor ten thousand but is there to win the ½ mill.........Britney is looking pretty good right now for that. Julie asks Lane if his strategy right now is to play the less than smarter card........Lane remarks that he is definitely playing the ½ a dodo part right now as it has gotten him pretty far. He might continue with that part, but then break out the smart guy again. If it comes down to Hayden, Lane and Enzo in the final 3, Lane says that he will definitely take Hayden. Mind you, if it is still Brit there, he will take Brit for sure.

Up next............Eviction time.

After the two guys gave their parting speeches, Julie sends Enzo to vote, followed by Brit........both of the houseguests voted to evict Ragan.

Ragan joins Julie outside..........The usual pleasantries are exchanged and Julie asks him some questions about the house. Julie asked him about the “male alliance” in the house......why he wasn’t able to get into a better alliance early enough? Julie also asked Ragan about Matt, and Ragan's response is that he was impressed with the good qualities of Matt. Wonder how Ragan will feel about his BFF after he finds out about the wife's disease.....oh sorry, the lie about his wife's disease. The parting words from the rest of the houseguests were actually quite nice to Ragan.......very nice to see.

HOH Competition is up next............

Christmas has come early to the Big Brother house with the competition of “Big Brother Christmas”.........the object of the competition is to feed Christmas ornaments through the fense and bring the ornaments up towards the boxes/containers that outline a Christmas tree shape. Once the tree is completely decorated with the ornaments, the first one done is the new HOH. The winner of this HOH will secure a spot in the final 3 and will have an opportunity to play in the final HOH of the season. So far in this competition, Brit seems to be having the most difficulty.

Julie says the next week’s schedule will be on Sunday to find out the next HOH and eviction nominations then on Wednesday for a special eviction episode when the final Veto competition will be played as well as the live eviction. Also on Wednesday, the first of the 3 part last and final HOH competition will be started, then on Thursday, the final HOH will be decided.

So until then folks..........have a great week and will see you on Sunday night!!