Parts 1 & 2 of the HOH Decided, Jury House Drama....Again

Tonight’s epi started where last night’s one left off......the three guys hanging off of ropes in the Big Brother’s Jungle. The guys said good bye to Britney, then were ushered outside to start part 1 of the 3 part final HOH for the season.

As the guys were swinging off the bad side of a wooden slat that had a rope tied to a swinging apparatus, the waterfall began flowing, drenching the boys. It was kind of fun watching the Meow Meow getting crunched against the wall.....but then again, they are guys so should be able to hang in there for a long time, right Enzo?? I wonder if Enzo found the designer for the little seat that they were on to give him the “Jersey Beatdown”?

Enzo “slipped” off his wooden stool at 19:41.......he immediately went inside to warm up by making some soup, pizza, just because he deserved it, and had the gall according to Lane to bring the hot food outside to the cold guys and eat it in front of them.......LOL. Finally Lane lost his grip of the rope at 2 hrs and 35 min. into the competition. Definitely had some endurance and intestinal fortitude(as Hayden called it) to make it that long. So round 1 went to Hayden.

So Lane and Enzo face off tonight.......the winner will face Hayden on Sunday. The winner of that one will decide whom he wants to take to the final 2. The final winner will be decided on next Wednesday.

Up next........Jury House

Kathy is still feeling angry and upset with Matt for the lie that he told regarding his wife and thus has been separating herself from Matt to keep her sanity. In walked Ragan into the house........he gave everyone a hug then they watched his DVD. After watching the DVD, Matt took Ragan aside to tell him of the lie regarding Matt’s wife. Ragan admitted in a PI of how upset he is that Matt would lie about something like that........Ragan really believed that Matt was someone he could trust. After that, Ragan and Rachel got into another fight.........what’s new about that, they always seemed to be at each other’s throat.........LOL.

Up next.........Lane VS Enzo

“It’s a Alive” is what the competition is called..........there is a picture of 2 houseguests that have been “frankensteined” have to pick the two houseguests that are in the pic within the 2 minutes given on the clock.......As soon as you are done, hit the timer to stop the clock. The winner will be the one that correctly identifies the most of the Frankenstein photos and in the event of a tie, the one that did the competition the quickest will be the winner. Lane got all 5 correct in 1 min. 13 seconds. Enzo completed all five pics as well and his time was 1 min 43 seconds. Lane finished in the shortest amount of time, thus he was the winner of round 2. Therefore it will be Hayden and Lane taking on one another for round 3.

So Sunday night is a special edition with footage not before seen, then Wednesday night will be the finale night right after the premiere of survivor. I might not be doing the blog Sunday night unless there was some great footage for us to discuss, but will definitely be back on Wednesday night to wrap things up.....Hope everyone has a great week and will be back to say hi then!!