Last epi, the live eviction went to Annie and the HOH was decided. After the eviction of Annie, Brendon opened up about Annie being correct and he hasn’t totally been honest regarding his education and that he has a PHD, and is working towards Cancer research.

Next we see Brendon and Rachel in the sunset bedroom congratulating each other on their HOH win. Through this, Enzo in a voice over/DR interview, says that “The Brigade got hit with a grenade, the Brigade is suppose to be the one launching them.” LOL.

Back to Brendon and Rachel, they are talking about how fake Monet and Brittney are and having “game” discussions.

Enzo and Brittney are in the kitchen discussing Andrew and both are coming to the conclusion that Andrew is part of B/R’s group........

Brittney and Monet are in the Jumanji room(JR) discussing the HOH challenge when Andrew walks in and Britt jumps all over him regarding how happy he was that Rachel won the HOH. Andrew says that yes he was happy that she won as he feels a little more secure this week than if Monet/Britt won as he is sure that he would of been up on the block then. But he also complimented her on her game saying that she did a great game.......some more whining from Britt and Andrew finally escapes the room........

HOH Room show off time:

Rachel comes outside and tells everyone that she is ready to show off her room so they all pile up the stairs and she unlocks the door. She has the usual stuff in there including family pics, junk food wanted, her boa from her showgirl time in Vegas and of course the tequila that she had asked for.........which of course, she was pretty proud of.......LOL.

Back downstairs, you find Hayden and Lane outside talking game.....they both agree that all Rachel has this week is the HOH key and pictures.......the HOH power remains with Brendon for the week.

Hayden and Matt are talking and Kristin comes out of the bathroom, Hayden flirts with her about the birthmarks and after she walks away, Hayden tells Matt that she is haaaawt! Later we see Hayden and Kristen out on the couches in the yard, flirting and talking away.....they decide that there is a connection but according to Hayden, “they can’t paint the showmance picture”.........

Monet and Britt are also in the backyard dissing everyone.......and of course Rachel seems to be the brunt of most of it........LOL.

Hayden comes up to the HOH to give Rachel some “moral” support and to re-affirm to her of how stressful this week will be.........but as we know, he is just trying to keep the brigade and Kristen off of the block......Next to confront Rachel is Matt. He says that he is worried and scared that he is going up......then again, he is part of the brigade, so who know’s what the guy is thinking.......lol.

Up in the HOH room, R/B haul out the tequila and discuss game, mostly with how nervous Matt is.....Brendon says that you don’t get nervous like that unless there is a reason to be nervous.

Have and have not:

The house guests are told to split up into 3 teams of 4 and the objective is to tape one of your team mates to the brick wall with duct tape, then the walls are tipped up and the taped houseguest is then sprayed with water.........the team that is still on the wall when the other ones are gone, then choose as to what team is the have not’s for the week.........

Green: Monet, Britney, Brendon, and Enzo with Brit on the wall
Orange: Kathy, Andrew, Hayden, and Matt with Kathy on the wall.
Blue: Lane, Rachel, Kristen, and Ragan with Ragan on the wall.

Kathy and Brit are taped up like mummies when the wall is tilted up but Ragan is hardly taped at all.......The teams all picked up their water guns and sprayed each team pretty equally but when Ragan fell out of his tape, the blue and orange teams got together and sprayed the heck out of Brit on the wall........Eventually enough tape began to loosen that Brit began to loose her grip on the wall that she eventually started freaking out and having difficulty breathing......Orange team was declared the winner and it was up to them to decide who would be the have not’s for the week and they picked the green team.

As they all head inside to get cleaned up, they find the kitchen decorated in fish sticks and a raw fish letting the loosing team know what their have not for that week is.

After the house got cleaned up, you see the saboteur coming on with another message....after it talks for a bit, you begin to see Annie’s image on the screen which of course sends the house into an uproar of who actually was surprised or who “knew” who the saboteur was.........LOL.

The parade to the HOH room begins with everyone pleading their cases.......Individually you see first Brit then Monet all going up to the HOH to talk to Rachel to find out what is going on with nominations.......they both tell Rachel that there would be no way that Brendon and Rachel would go up on the block if they had won the HOH, yet in the DR, they are telling the camera that they both lied to Rachel and of course their butts would of been on the block again this week........Next up in the parade of HG’s is Hayden as he tries to find out where he is in the lineup........Rachel and Brendon tried to convince Hayden and Kristen to join them to make a foursome, of which Hayden said it probably wasn’t a good idea this early on.........as with Brit and Monet, he tells Rachel what she wants to know and hopes that his a$$ will be fine.

Nomination Ceremony:

As you see Rachel gathering up the keys in preparation for the ceremony, you hear:

Matt: gloating that he feels his false representation of paranoia may of been a good strategy.....at least he hopes.

Brit: doesn’t think that Rachel would put her up alone, but would be perceived as being guilty by association with Monet as she feels that Rachel is definitely gunning for Monet.

Hayden: Nervous about nominations as he thinks he has convinced them to trust him but is still worried about being put up on the block.

As Rachel puts the block on the table and calls the guests in for the ceremony, she pulls the first key out the order goes as follows: Brendon, Kathy, Hayden, Ragan, Kristen, Enzo, Matt, Andrew and Lane which leaves Brit and Monet..........Rachel begins her speech saying that Monet: you have 10,000.00, Brit: different alliances have been formed........compassionately as a human, I know how bad it sucks to be on the block and be a have not for the week, but this is a game, I’m sorry guys............The nomination ceremony is adjourned. With that, Monet and Brit escape to the jumanji room and start whining, complaining and crying together...........

So until Wednesday............have a good week all!!