Episode 6 – POV

Tonight started off with a recap of Sunday’s nominations......as everyone went their ways, Brit and Monet headed for the have not room. While on the way, you see pi’s of them from the DR.....Brit is ticked that she was put up on the block saying that it is personal versus strategic. Monet also let loose in the DR of how she doesn’t like Rachel but thinks that Rachel feels threatened by her and that is the reason for Monet’s nomination. Once they get out their frustrations in the DR they head to the HN room to whine and cry on each other’s shoulders.........they both feel that this nomination for each of them was personal versus strategic.......Monet then calls Rachel a stupid hooker......

We then see the “brigade” meeting outside saying that they can’t let the nominations change as they know that it will probably mean one of them will go up on the block either as a pawn or as a means to split up the group. Back outside, we see Rachel and Brit sitting on the couches.......Rachel asks Brit if she wants to go up to the HOH and talk........Brit agrees. Upstairs, Brit whined again to Rachel about being up on the block, she is scared and doesn’t want to go home.......Good, bad or otherwise, Rachel admitted to Brit that Rachel’s goal that week is to get Monet out of the house which means that Brit isn’t the actual target that week. So after Rachel admits that, Brit starts whining about putting up Andrew as a backdoor nomination if someone wins the POV.

Next we see Brandon and Rachel in the HOH. Rachel is obviously emotional after being run through the gauntlet by Brit’s emotional display. Rachel is feeling guilty for hurting someone’s feelings and mentions to Brendon that it is really bothering her. Brendon reassures her that she is doing well as HOH. Brendon also lets her know that as she has a big heart, this is why these things bother her.......he really likes that about her. Okay, enough with this sappy crap and time to move on here.......LOL.

Brit and Monet are now out in the backyard talking and Brit says how jealous Rachel is of Monet, then she carries on to say that she feels every time Rachel wears a skirt, the STD’s go airborne.......WOW, Brit and Monet are getting pretty brutal regarding Rachel........kind of makes you feel sorry for her??

Matt, Matt, Matt, you are definitely barking up the wrong tree by approaching Andrew with your wife’s fake bone disease..........you are really going to get caught. With Andrew being a podiatrist, he is really not the right guy to talk to about the fake disease as he knows that it doesn’t exist. LOL. Not only did he approach Andrew, but he also talked to Brit and just about anyone else that listened.

Next up is the POV challenge. After drawing names for it, it was decided that Rachel, Brendon, Brit, Enzo, Monet and Lane would be taking part with Ragan as the host. They all went outside for the challenge and found stocks decorated like money and brief cases waiting for them. Ragan explains what the challenge is: Everyone is to stand in front of their stock, then they put their hands and head through the holes and grip their briefcase on the otherside of the hole. The house guest that drops their briefcase as close to the 1 hr mark without going over, will win the challenge. One twist.........there is a plastic dollar bill hitting the houseguest in the face for a lot of the challenge.........lol. The times for the challenge are as follows:

Rachel 1 hour 15 min and 7 seconds
Monet 1 hour 15 min and 6 seconds
Brendon 1 hour 6 min and 4 seconds
Lane 1 hour 1 min and 29 seconds
Brit 52 min and 28 seconds
Enzo 1 hour and 14 seconds

After the challenge, Lane is seen in the DR........He says “The brigade’s truck blew another tire – we are out of gas right now, everything has gone opposite of what we wanted.” LOL

After the challenge, Monet and Brit are in the have not room – Brit is hatching a plan to get Rachel to keep Monet and backdoor someone else....Andrew seems to be the top of their hit list. Monet and Brit are crying aaaagain........crap! talk about emotional.......Both of them are still discussing their plans of how to keep Monet in the house so Brit has said that she will back Monet up if Monet goes upstairs to talk to Rachel and say that Brit/Monet won’t be gunning for Brendon/Rachel for at least the next couple of weeks.......as they say, Monet is to tell Rachel what Rachel “wants” to hear.......doesn’t mean that is what will happen.

Monet goes up to the HOH to confront Rachel about the possibility of backdooring Andrew.....of course she is promising Rachel the moon if Rachel will just put Andrew up instead......Yea, this is really going to happen...NOT! Afterwards, Brendon and Rachel are discussing who should be the backdoor nominee, when Matt enters the room and volunteers to go up provided that there is a speech made by Rachel informing the houseguests that Matt is up only as a pawn. Matt also says that if Rachel puts up Andrew, the chances are that Andrew will be voted out versus Monet........Brendon agrees. Next we see Andrew in the HOH talking to Brendon and Rachel........he throws his name in the hat about the replacement nominee, yet he too feels that if he goes up on the block, he will be gone versus Monet.

In the end, Rachel takes Matt up on his offer of going up on the block, and Rachel keeps up her end by giving the pawn speech.........This of course sends Monet and Brit into pi$$ed off land again........what else is new this epi.

Until tomorrow night at the eviction............Have a good day!!