Episode 7 – Eviction, ‘Hang 10’, and Have not’s

There isn’t much to blog about tonight other than the eviction itself and how the HOH and the Have not’s challenge just began but here goes.......... Tonight’s epi began where yesterday’s left off regarding the “stories” Matt was telling everyone about his wife’s bone disease..........(just a side note, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis so someone using the excuse of needing money to help his wife who has a fake bone disease to get farther in the game, just goes against my grain to begin with. Now that the moment is over with...).....anyhow, onto tonight’s epi. There was quite a bit of drama in the house tonight regarding Matt going up as the pawn. Matt was found out as playing both sides of the house tonight and it will definitely catch up with him!

In the taj/cabana room, you find Brit on the couch crying and then in walks Monet.......talk about waterworks festival going on.....come on ladies(using that term loosely....more like babies), get a grip.........The two of them are talking for quite a while when in strolls Matt. They are all in there having a self proclaimed pitty party and talking about how pi$$ed off they are regarding Monet being on the block still and Matt going up as a pawn. Matt acts pi$$ed off and like he didn’t know it was happening, when we all saw last night him volunteering to go up on the block as a pawn......Man, this guy should have an award for acting the last couple of shows.......problem is, it will probably come back and bite him on his a$$.

Next we see Kristen walking around the backyard with a bottle of wine in tow. She plunks down in front of the hottub and says “wine makes me so tired”.......yea, yea, yea...............Showmance #2 heads into the bedroom and has their little gab session under the covers............like Andrew laying 2 beds away can’t hear the sweet nothings happening under the covers.......LOL. In the DR, Andrew confesses that he is laying in a bed 5 ft from showmance #2 and can hear everything that they are “revealing” to each other..........a great line from Andrew......”It is like trying to fall asleep listening to a dirty movie”.

I have a feeling that Rachel is going to stir up enough trouble this week that she will definitely end up on the block next week.......LOL. She goes up to Kristen and Hayden and says to Kristen that “they(Brit/Monet) feel they have your vote” This of course sends Kristen into a baffled look as she can’t believe or see how they would feel that way since they haven’t talked about it at all.........Meanwhile, Rachel is .

Next we see Kristen, Brit, Kathy, Enzo and Hayden outside on the couches talking and Kristen confronts Brit about saying that they thought they had Kristen’s vote to keep Monet in the house.........Kathy runs inside and tells Rachel and Brendon that they should head out there as shit is hitting the fan. Both Brendon and Rachel head outside at which time Rachel confronts Monet and Brit about the situation. Monet got confronted and called out on the reasons why she was put onto the block by both Rachel and Brendon. Monet walked away.

Next week we see Brit and Rachel up in the HOH room talking about Matt and him being on the block as a pawn. Probably good for Rachel that she broached that subject as she got a lot of info from Brit on how Matt was acting towards Rachel and Brendon. Rachel tells Brit that Matt volunteered to go up as a pawn and that he wouldn’t go after Brendon and Rachel over it. Brit tells Rachel that Matt was acting pi$$ed off for being put up as a pawn and that he is playing both sides of the house............soooooo...........house meeting is now called........LOL.

Rachel confronts Matt in front of the other houseguests regarding him volunteering to go up as a pawn in order to ensure that Monet goes home. Then Rachel confronts him regarding the “act” that he put on for Brit and Monet.........LOL, loving it.......you look at Matt’s face and he is trying to figure out how to back-peddal out of this one..............not so good buddy!! Monet then tells the house if he can put that much of a show on with her, then everyone should watch their backs as he definitely can’t be trusted.

Next up Julie shows some of the highlights of the week with the have not competition and also some questions for the houseguests on part of Julie as well as one for Kathy regarding her Deputy Sheriff job versus being in the house, which one is harder...........Next up is the live eviction:

After the speeches were done, the voting started. Monet was voted out by 7 to 2. The only ones voting to keep Monet are: Brit and Kathy.

Houseguests, the power is up for grabs.............
The concept is to stay on the surf board the longest......the last one is the HOH. This is while the surfboard is going back and forth and water is cascading over the wall. The first 5 houseguests off the surfboard are the Have’s for the week including Rachel. The rest are the have not’s.

The last thing we see are all guests are still on their surfboards and “hang 10’ing”.

So until Sunday, hope you all have a great week...........