Episode 8 – HOH, have not and nominations

Tonight’s epi began with Monet walking out the door......

Next thing, we see them all back out on their surf boards with water pouring down and the surf boards moving in and out of the wall. The first 5 out of the competition are the have’s for the week, the rest are the have not’s with the final one standing is the HOH. The have’s for the week are: Kathy, Lane, Kristen, Hayden, and Britney. The remaining order is Enzo, Brendon, Andrew, Ragan and the HOH goes to Matt.

After the challenge, Rachel heads off to the sunset room and sulks......after a while Brendon joins her and convinces her to continually not trust him, but at the same time, she can’t start treating him differently again....for sure they will go up if she does that.

Rachel pulled Matt aside and talked to him about their deal when she was HOH of how he would volunteer to go up on the block, she was suppose to say it was because he was a pawn, then not say anymore.....instead she told the house that they had a deal. Matt is drivelling on about how he doesn’t trust them anymore when they don’t hold up their end of the deal like that.

Next up we see Brit and Enzo exchanging their own versions of the English language, good grief.......are they lacking in things to do in the house or what??

Next up, HOH room

Matt comes out with the key to the HOH room and everyone files in showing “respect” for the show sake......LOL. Good grief.....Matt’s letter made it seem like she was talking about her “disease”, come on........get a grip here Matt. While up in the room, the “brigade” are talking about who will go up on the block this week....The rest of the Brigade want Brendon and Rachel to go up, Matt wants Kathy up there as well.

Lane, Enzo, and Matt are all up in the HOH talking about Kristen and Hayden......trying to decide if they are the life long friends or something “more”. Yea, right, we all know the answer to that one. LOL.

Love it how Brendon and Rachel are always trying to make out.......Andrew always seems to be hanging around........LOL. Talk about a third wheel?? In the kitchen, Lane and Brit are now talking about what Brendon and Rachel are discussing in the back yard......Brit and Lane are having lots of fun mocking them and making fun of the “showmance”.

After the HG’S come in from the backyard, they find the baby food and Bok Choy waiting there for them......Andrew was elated as the baby food is kosher and he can eat what he wants versus the slop that isn’t kosher.

Next we see Rachel, Matt and Brendon up in the HOH room having a meeting. Through their discussion, it was decided that if Matt didn’t put them up, then he was asked for the same courtesy next week if either one of them win the HOH......meanwhile, Matt takes Andrew aside and tells him that he might be putting him up so he can backdoor Brendon or Rachel........Andrew of course is very ticked off, but as Matt explained, it is a great chance to backdoor Brendon or Rachel without either of them playing the POV to get out of it.

Up Next..........................nominations.

Ragan, Kristen, Hayden, Enzo, Lane, Brit, Rachel, and Brendon............Matt’s speech for the nominee’s is:

Kathy........your competition is on the low end, your social game I don’t know where it is at, you were the only other vote against me other than Brit who was Monet’s best friend......
Andrew.........you were gunning for me and maybe you still are, as all of you can attest, I don’t have alliances, so I got to look out for myself, and when you got two gunning for me..........Nomination ceremony is now adjourned...........

Last thoughts..........

Kathy: I absolutely don’t understand why Matt put me up he has waaaay more bigger targets than me, but I am going to fight so hard to stay in this game as this sheriff ain’t going to leave yet.

Andrew: This is a stupid plan it makes no sense to me. This has a big potential of TNT blowing up in your face Matt, because I will be coming after you.

Enzo: Yea Matt, he had better have a backdoor plan ready to go here, you know, we got to break up the super couple of you know Brendon and Rachel, I just hope he’s got a masterpiece ready to unfold.

Matt: So nominations have been made, everything is going according to plan, maybe if someone wins the POV and uses it, I may consider backdooring Brendon and Rachel, but right now, I am just sitting pretty.

So until Wednesday..................have a good week!!