Episode 9 – 3rd POV and Andrew’s Speech......oh lordy!

So tonight’s epi started off with where Sunday’s ended and the nominations. First you see Hayden wondering what the heck Matt is doing as he nominated 2 floaters versus nominating Brendon and Rachel, then you see Kathy saying that the nominations don’t make any sense as last week he said that he was gunning for Rachel and Brendon after being put up on the block. Then we see Matt talking in the DR that he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks....he will do what ever it takes to win it all......Now, we are seeing Andrew in the have not room talking to himself stating that “it is stupid, this is so stupid”. Meanwhile we have Brendon and Rachel in the sunset room hugging and relieved that they weren’t put up on the block.

Kathy pulls Matt aside for a chat.......they head up to the HOH. Kathy was trying to reassure Matt that she has nothing against him and not gunning for him but as Matt says in the DR, he doesn’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. Matt takes the stance that if anyone asks him who should go, he won’t say negative about Kathy or Andrew, as he doesn’t have a vote here.

Next we see Andrew in the sunset room straightening out a bed/looking for something, and in walks Hayden and Kristen. They are wanting to know if Andrew is okay.......Andrew asks them if they knew that it was going to happen, both of them replied no......hmmmm. Kristen said that they thought it would of been Brendon and Rachel for sure going up. All Andrew keeps saying on it is that it was a stupid thing to do.

Rachel, Kathy, Brendon, Enzo and Andrew are in the kitchen when Andrew goes and grabs the iced tea out of the fridge to find that there are now peaches in the iced tea. This sends him into a fluster as in the DR he explains that the iced tea is one of the few things that the have not’s can drink in the house and that has now been eliminated because of the peaches. He grumbles and moans as he heads off to the have not room.

Kathy goes to check on Andrew to find out what’s wrong. Andrew complains that he can’t handle Rachel anymore as she has no concerns for anyone other than herself. Andrew also has a hard time understanding Matt’s nominations........he put up two floaters. Andrew states that he has had enough of the idiocracy in this house.

Out in the backyard, the “brigade” are now discussing the nominations and asking Matt if he is going to back door Brendon and Rachel. According to Enzo in the DR, “the plan now is to backdoor Brendon or Rachel, we have to keep our fingers crossed, hopefully they won’t get called for the POV, and then the couple is toast, then it is a cake walk”.....but then again, we all know what happens to best laid plans, right Enzo??

Everyone is goofing around and kidding Andrew about his overactive cleaning habits.....Enzo even went so far as saying that he might get Andrew to clean his laundry...whites and stuff...if he does that, he might be a good ally in the house.

Pulling of names for the Veto Competition...............

Matt, Kathy and Andrew pick the other 3 competitors for the Veto.........Matt pulls Brendon, Kathy pulls Lane, and Andrew pulls Rachel. We see a DR excerpt from Andrew at this time......Of course I pick Rachel, the one that I don’t like and I know won’t be playing for me to win.....Talk about being over dramatic......is this guy for real??

Matt then picks Enzo as the host for the competition.

Meanwhile, Matt and Lane are up in the HOH talking about the fact that Brendon and Rachel are both in the POV competition and the fact that the “brigade” can’t get a break when it comes to things happening in the house.........next, we find Matt talking to Andrew in the pantry discussing the nominations, how the plan is backfiring now that Brendon and Rachel are in the POV. Then back upstairs in the HOH, we find Matt, Lane and Enzo talking about the veto competition and what it would be about, with their luck, it will probably be something on the table of elements or some kind of a cloning competition considering both Brendon and Rachel are scientists. Then we see Andrew completing his praying or something with his religion and the guys in the HOH are referring to him as Kaptain Kosher and that he is definitely the dark horse of the competition.

Up next..........POV

The point of the game is to reach 3 points. Enzo show an item and will ask the competitors the amount that is there. The competitors write down what they think is the correct amount, then everyone will reveal what they wrote down. Once you see what everyone has written down, you have 2 options, you can stay or fold. If you fold, you by-pass that question and still remain in the game. If you are confident in your answer and choose to stay and your answer is the closest to the correct amount, you get a point. If you stay and don’t win, then you are out. The first to 3 points wins. First question: fortune cookies.......everyone folded but Matt and Lane.......Matt won it. Next question: how many candles.........Rachel, Matt and Andrew stayed.......Andrew won the point. Matt eliminated. 3rd question: feet in spiral........Brendon and Kathy stayed, Andrew and Rachel folded. Brendon won. 4th question: Tarrot cards....Brendon and Rachel both folded, Andrew won the point. 5th question: magic potion....Andrew and Rachel both folded, Brendon won. 6th question: eyeballs in big glass.....all decided to stay and Brendon won POV. Matt immediately says, time to come up with plan b...........In the DR, Hayden went nuts going on about Brendon winning the Veto and how Matt scr#wed up this week. LOL.

Up in the HOH, Matt and Enzo are talking and Matt is saying that he got greedy and wanted Brendon so his plan has now backfired. In comes Andrew to the HOH to talk to Matt. Matt is saying that he doesn’t think that Andrew trusts him, Andrew is trying to figure out the plan to begin with as it just didn’t make sense. According to Andrew, if Matt put Brendon and Rachel up on the block, at least one of them would be leaving. Now neither of them are and Andrew’s neck is on the line. Andrew pipes up saying that he was going to have to clean up Matt’s mess with the nominations, now that it hasn’t worked, they are in a pickle so to speak.

Next we see Brendon and Andrew talking game in the room.......the show is edited to make us think that Matt is listening and watching.........is he really?? Anyways, the guys are just trying to reaffirm that they both have each other’s backs and are working on getting Kathy out the door instead. Andrew states that he is putting on an act but not to tell Rachel as she will ruin it......hmmm.

POV ceremony...........

Kathy’s speech was very nonchalant and general..........Now Andrew’s on the other hand......Holy Cow! Andrew’s speech.... “This game’s ironic. A few weeks ago, Brendon and Rachel ousted Matt. They saved him by voting for him to stay in the house. Matt fired back and said I am going after Brendon and Rachel, but he didn’t put them up on the block. All 3 of them unscarred from the weeks that passed and their strategy worked so I am going to try that strategy........Brendon and Rachel, I am coming after you, and Brendon, I would like you to give me the power of Veto to save me”. Are you serious Andrew........talk about making sure that you DO get voted out........come on man, get serious.

Final thoughts at the end of the show from the houseguests..........

Andrew: he stated that he really needed to make a bold move really for himself by showing the house that he was serious about getting Brendon and Rachel out. If the house thinks that he is gunning for Brendon and Rachel, they might likely keep him there and feel that they are all together in getting Brendon and Rachel out.

Kathy: I asked for a miracle and Andrew came through on it. I don’t know what he was thinking, but he did help me out. All I have to do is to lay low because Andrew is just digging his grave.

Britney: I am coming after you Brendon and Rachel, please use the veto on me......what?

Rachel: I had no idea that Andrew wanted to come after us and was such a hater. I was shocked.

Brendon: The truth is, Andrew and I devised this little plan to make sure he stays in this house and that I don’t go home as well. I think it was a risky move, but, I think that Andrew pulled it off and I think it will ensure that he will stay here for at least another week.

Matt: So no one’s going to believe what Andrew has to say, he wanted people to believe that he was working against Brendon and Rachel, all he did is make people think he was working for them, the whole house knows it and we’re all getting a good laugh out of it right now.

So until tomorrow............good night all.