Week 2 Show 3 and it’s still first round. When I think of New Orleans, I think of great singers like Aaron Neville or Dr. John. Musta been the right place. Musta been the wrong time. The Idol producers chose Gene Simmons as their choice of guest judge for this location. I feel uncomfortable when Gene comments on image. It’s just scary. He seems rational, but the Tongue could come out at any time…and his hair rivals the Donald’s for middle age ludicrous. Elvis might have used that blue-black color, but the white jumpsuit balanced it out. The ying and yang of entertainment. Gene seems to be missing his yang.

Evidently the producers are reading your comments, because tonight they are showing us one good, one bad, one good, and one really, really bad. OK. It was a tease. Two good ones and lots of really bad ones is the best we get. The race to the final 24 can’t run fast enough. Tonight is more dreams becoming nightmares. Paula and Simon seem especially bitchy. Paula’s aura is being dimmed by Simon’s black hole. Something is sucking one way or another. No one ever wants to take that credit.

Spits and Spats and all kinds of hissies and it’s still boring. With all the new prescription drug advertising, you’d think Xanax would be an obvious sponsor. God once again sent a few emissaries. Even the extremely rational (Prince of Darkness) Gene couldn’t keep a good (singing) minister down. Who knows? Conservative seems to be in on some fronts. The streets of Hollywood ARE paved in gold, although a bit tarnished.

With twin acts, I don’t know where to focus. The biological stereo aspect is interesting. Gene tells two twenty-somethings that they are too old to sing Boys to Men. (Gene to Mirror, Gene to Mirror!) There is confusion in numbers and something about “can’t hold my jocks” and anger. Paula and Randy walk out. The twins walk out. Final words include “Bleep Bleep” you in the “Bleeping Bleep”, which I think means, “ See you tomorrow if you can stand it”.